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Call of Duty League team bundles are now available in Modern Warfare. After some confusion earlier in the week, the skins have now officially released through the in-game store. However, there’s now a new tab for the bundles, called the “Franchise Store.” All 12 teams are represented, with each having the same cosmetic items. Each pack costs $10 and gives you access to all of its items right away. This is a great step for Modern Warfare and Call of Duty as a whole, as they were behind the times with esports representation.

Call of Duty League bundles now available

If you watch the above trailer, you can see all of the cosmetics in action. In total, there are nine cosmetic items that come with the bundles. Here are the items you will receive if you purchase a CDL team bundle:

  • Primary outfit
  • Alternate outfit
  • Watch
  • Weapon skin
  • Spray
  • Weapon charm
  • Calling Card
  • Emblem
  • Sticker

As mentioned above, each bundle costs $10, so you’re essentially buying each cosmetic for just over $1. This is a much better deal than we’ve seen for cosmetic bundles in the past. The rumor going around prior to these CDL packs going live was they would cost in the neighborhood of $20.

While the bundles look great and are priced appropriately, there are some changes the community would have liked to see. The top change would be altering the weapon skins, as the design is the same for each team. Most fans would prefer each team to feature their own design for the weapon skin. We saw some concepts from a graphic designer a while back, but it seems Activision went this route instead.

Nonetheless, this is a good start for Call of Duty esports. Hopefully, the CDL and Modern Warfare can continue to collaborate in the future.

Will you buy a CDL team bundle? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage!