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One of the most controversial settings in Call of Duty over the past few years has been Auto-Tac Sprint. The Tac Sprint mechanic allows players to go into a super sprint of sorts but only for a brief time. It’s considered controversial because of how players can use it to their advantage in-game. However, it seems the Call of Duty League might not want the mechanic available to players in 2022.

In the Vanguard game settings, there are ways for players to set how the mechanic works. There are two settings that players have the option to use. One is Automatic Sprint, which requires players to manually press the sprint button to activate Tactical Sprint. The other is Auto-Tac Sprint, which makes it so players only have to press the sprint button once and save their fingers a ton of pressing.

According to recent tweets, though, the CDL might take away both options from players once the competitive season begins.

Auto-Tac Sprint might be banned in the CDL

The tweets surrounding the news come from LA Guerrillas player Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat. When interacting with a fellow professional player, SlasheR mentioned that the CDL might fully restrict Tactical Sprint as a whole for the upcoming season.

SlasheR originally tweeted that it would be restricted for players, which sounded like the players themselves weren’t allowing the use of it. He corrected himself in a follow-up tweet, stating, “I meant like the league [CDL] is restricting it somehow on our accounts or something.”

This sounds like the CDL is taking measures to ensure that Tactical Sprint isn’t a feature in Vanguard for professional play. This likely stems from the fact that players can gain such an advantage from it if used correctly.

If the CDL does follow through with what SlasheR is saying, pros would be left with the regular sprint. This is how Call of Duty has traditionally been played. As of the time of this writing, the CDL hasn’t commented on the matter and likely won’t until much closer to the regular season.