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We’re only a couple of days into the offseason for the 2022 Call of Duty League season but we might already have some news for the 2023 campaign. According to a reputable leaker within the COD scene, Activision is planning to start next season much earlier than in years past.

The leaker claims that the 2023 CDL season will begin in November or December, which is only a month or two after Modern Warfare 2 launches (Oct. 28).

The call for an earlier season start date has been vocal from both the fans and Call of Duty League organizations. Owners and players of CDL teams have both been vocal in their support for an earlier start date. CDL organizations have cited that starting in late January, which is when all three previous seasons have begun, is a large mistake. The hype for the new Call of Duty game has mostly died down by then. Starting earlier would allow the CDL to maximize on the hype for the new game.

Is the 2023 Call of Duty League actually starting in 2022?

The leaker who claims the 2023 season is starting sooner is @TheGhostOfHope. Ghost has accurately leaked a plethora of information relating to Call of Duty over the past couple of years. However, this is their first leak related to the CDL, so fans should take this with a grain of salt.

If Ghost is correct and the 2023 season begins in November or December, then CDL teams don’t have long to secure a starting roster and begin practice. In the past, some teams have waited until December to officially sign a starting roster. If the 2023 season does start earlier, then teams will likely sign players as quickly as possible.

One aspect of Modern Warfare 2 that could be playing a role in the 2023 CDL starting sooner is Ranked Play. According to GhostOfHope, Ranked Play will be arriving in Modern Warfare 2 shortly after its launch. This puts its release right around the same time the 2023 CDL could begin. Releasing the competitive mode for MW2 and starting the CDL seems like a perfect way to maximize interest in the league.

However, as said previously, this is simply a leak so players should still temper their expectations. Perhaps we’ll hear more about Ranked Play in MW2 or the 2023 CDL at the Call of Duty Next event, which is set to take place in mid-Sept.