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Call of Duty League may not start its 2021 season until the middle of February, according to OpTic Chicago members. Seth “Scump” Abner and Dylan “Envoy” Hannon were discussing how long they had until the first event of 2021. This discussion happened on two separate episodes of the Eavesdrop Podcast run by Hector “HECZ” Rodriquez, who currently runs OpTic Chicago.

These clips from Eavesdrop Podcast arose on Twitter via CDL Intel before the new year. Scump states in the first clip that the league is “still a while away.” Envoy joins in by confirming that they still had “a month and a half or so before the first event.” These clips were both taken in December, which means that the Call of Duty League could start in mid-February.

In the second clip, Envoy talks about how professional players have “nothing to do” until the league starts. This comment comes after Scump says again that they have a month and a half left before the first event. Most CDL teams have announced their teams already and have been preparing since the release of Cold War in early November. Now, they could be playing the game for another two months before the league finally comes around.

Call of Duty League online, with a late start

Since September, there hasn’t been any other mention of the Call of Duty League holding in-person matches. There was brief talk about a “bubble” of sorts for the Championship, but even that idea seemed to be flawed. Now, even with the league being completely online, there is still a delayed start.

Last year, the Call of Duty League season started at the end of January after teams were completed. However, that start was off the back of an October release for Modern Warfare. This year’s later release could have some effect on the start time for the league. Activision and Call of Duty have not set an official start date for the media as of yet.

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