Call of Duty confirms a Terminator crossover in Season 4
Call of Duty Terminator
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Call of Duty confirms a Terminator crossover in Season 4

An entertainment giant is coming to COD

According to a recent teaser image from the official Call of Duty Twitter account on Tuesday, a Terminator crossover is coming sometime in Warzone Season 4 ahead of its Wednesday release.

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Crossover events are starting to become more popular in the Call of Duty series. For a long time, Fortnite was the main outlet for crossovers in gaming, teaming up with the likes of Marvel, Star Wars, DC and more. The game has also featured a Terminator crossover, which was one of the more unique events in the game’s history. For fans of both Fortnite and Call of Duty, history seems to be repeating itself.

It’s unclear exactly what the potential event could entail, as all we have is a teaser image with the words “Skynet Mimetic Polyalloy” written on a silver bar.

For fans unaware, Skynet is the A.I. network that designed the Terminator and Mimetic Polyalloy is what the Terminator is made out of. Skynet serves as the antagonist of the Terminator franchise, as the A.I. attempts to wipe out humanity. The first film in the franchise saw Skynet send a Terminator back in time to kill Sarah Connor before she could give birth to her son, John Connor. John leads a human resistance to take down Skynet in the future, which is the reason behind Skynet’s plan.

In Season 3 of Warzone, the series teamed up with Godzilla and King Kong to bring Operation Monarch. This event was mainly featured in Warzone, as players got the chance to fight the two giant beasts on Caldera. This was arguably the largest crossover event in the franchise’s history.

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