Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War showcases RTX abilities in new trailer
call of duty black ops cold war nvidia rtx pc

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War showcases RTX abilities in new trailer

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Some news regarding the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has come to light. In a highly-anticipated live stream, technology company Nvidia, developers of the GeForce graphics cards, revealed its new lineup of GPUs. These units are the second generation of the groundbreaking ray tracing technology. Known as “RTX,” this simply allows certain graphics cards additional capabilities such as shadow effects, reflections, etc. Also revealed in the live stream, however, was a new Black Ops Cold War campaign trailer that showcased the RTX technology on PC.

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Black Ops Cold War to feature RTX for PC

The PC version of BOCW was always expected to feature RTX, as Modern Warfare did before it. However, a confirmation is never a bad thing, and that’s what Nvidia provided us today. In order to make use of RTX technology, you’ll need one of the following GPUs:

  • RTX 2060
  • RTX 2070
  • RTX 2080
  • RTX 3070
  • RTX 3080
  • RTX 3090
nvidia rtx
Image via Nvidia

The final three cards on the list won’t be released until September/October. However, Black Ops Cold War releases on November 13, so you should be able to get your hands on one before launch. You can view the showcased trailer from Activision and Nvidia below to truly see RTX in action.


In addition to Ray Tracing, BOCW will also feature:

  • Nvidia Reflex Technology
  • Nvidia DLSS 2.0
  • Dynamic Digital Lighting

Essentially what all of this means is that if you have a powerful enough PC, BOCW will look absolutely stunning. These kinds of graphics won’t be available on either the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. The settings will look more realistic, the shadows and reflections will pop more, and the overall graphics will be more immersive.

The first line of Nvidia’s 30 series GPUs will start releasing on September 13 with the 3080. This is followed by the 3090 on September 24 and the 3070 sometime in October.

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