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After only a short two-day wait, the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Alpha is now live on PlayStation 4. Only for the multiplayer side of the game, this Alpha is a small taste of what Treyarch has been cooking up for the past year or so. More of a test for the game than anything, the multiplayer Alpha will run from September 18 to September 20 at 1 PM ET. During this time, fans can experience a small portion of Black Ops Cold War multiplayer. You can read about what to expect during the test in our other article.

Black Ops Cold War multiplayer Alpha goes live

If you’re confused about what an Alpha is, it’s essentially an early build of a game. This version isn’t indicative of everything that will be available in the full release of Black Ops Cold War. Also, this build will have less content than the open beta, which is launching on October 8 for PlayStation 4 users.

black ops cold war alpha

As of right now, this build of BOCW appears to be the exact same one the content creators played at the early capture event. The same weapons, maps, mode, and streaks are available. Along with that, players have some advanced options when it comes to Create-A-Class and designing loadouts.

However, if you’re looking for a more immersive experience with a leveling system, you’ll need to wait for October 8. Everything in the Alpha is pre-unlocked so you can use anything you want right off the bat. This is likely to prevent players from seeing what kind of leveling system is within BOCW.

While it’s not the first time we’re seeing it, this is the first we get to actually play multiplayer. Hopefully, the weekend will go off without a hitch and we can sit back and play some Call of Duty.

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