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After a long day of hunting and guessing, the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Easter egg has been solved. After Activision sent out mystery crates to Call of Duty influencers, the community figured out the contents weren’t for a reveal. Instead, the contents were for a mad goose chase that had millions of fans tuning in to see what happened live. Essentially, the Easter egg spawned from the crates gave us clues as to when we can expect the next teaser. This teaser will likely lead us to another teaser until we finally see a Call of Duty 2020 release date reveal.

The Call of Duty 2020 Easter egg

The day began by influencers opening their individual crates. Inside of the packages were slides, a manifest, and a projector the images on the slides. All of this together gave us dozens of images that corresponded with clues in both Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Warzone.

First, fans figured out that the map Summit from BO4 was the focal point of the entire hunt. Crate owners dashed to Summit and discovered that some of the images lined up with items around the map. For instance, there were numbers on five different slides that were also on Summit. This also applied to five different clocks on the map.

Black Ops release date
Image via Treyarch

All in all, the community eventually figured out that the message Activision was relaying was “Bish, you were here.” This phrase is directly related to a famous chess match played in 1972 between Russia and the United States. There was even a movie based on this match, and the runtime of the film is 115 minutes (corresponding to Element 115 from Zombies).

After this was discovered, another phrase was discovered: “Turn 11.” This refers to the 11th turn in the famous chess match, which was considered an all-time blunder by both chess players. When all of these details were paired together, it was realized that the Warzone bunkers were the next step.

It was at the 11th bunker in Warzone where influencers found the following website: pawntakespawn.com/tv.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War release date

On this website, there’s an image of a computer, phone, and clock. The clock reads 12:00 and 8:14 at different times, signaling that the next teaser is taking place on Aug. 14 at 12:00 ET. Unfortunately, according to NoahJ456, this won’t be an official reveal. Instead, it will be another Easter egg hunt and teaser.

While it’s unfortunate to see no reveal, fans can’t wait for another day full of Easter egg hunting.

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