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Counter Logic Gaming has announced Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen as their newest starting jungler for the 2021 roster. Broxah, previously the jungler for Team Liquid, shared a lengthy letter to fans regarding his transition to his new team and his experience with Team Liquid in the past year.

Broxah has been with Team Liquid for the past year and experienced some serious ups and downs during his time with the team. At the start of the year, Broxah suffered some visa issues that prevented him from joining the rest of his team at the start of the Spring Split. This, unfortunately, left the team struggling in the first few matches. Although they failed to win that season, they found themselves in first place for the Summer split, then reaching third place for the playoffs. Eventually, the team did well enough to qualify for this year’s World Championship.

To fans, Broxah is known to be incredibly transparent when it comes to his plans and his professional career. Not too long ago, he wrote a lengthy letter that shared his gratitude to his fans as well as his teammates, while explaining the challenges he had faced career-wise. Today, Broxah surprised readers with the news that he’ll be playing for CLG, a team that has lacked success within the past few years. In the letter, he states, “This entire roster seeks redemption and will be coming in with a ton of hunger and willpower.” He adds, “…I’m looking forward to taking on my role within this team to make a statement.”

Broxah will bring better opportunities to CLG

Team Liquid shared their goodbyes with Broxah, thanking him for his leadership and sportsmanship. The tweet included a short montage of Broxah from throughout the past year. He had also left a voiceover message, where he thanked his fans for sticking with him through the hard times as well as good. Soon after, CLG tweeted a link to the 2-minute interview with the 23-year old jungler.

Another unconfirmed change to the CLG roster has been reported by esports journalist Jacob Wolf. The team is looking to buy out Rogue’s current top-laner Finn “Finn” Wiestål, though they have yet to release an official announcement.