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Team Liquid is one out of three teams heading to Worlds to represent North America. Unfortunately, they had a bumpy ending to this Summer Split. TL’s jungler Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen publicly addressed their recent loss, sharing his thoughts with fans, especially about the upcoming Worlds.

“I think it’s unfair to say that this split was a complete failure,” begins the note, “but right now it sure feels that way.” The team ended in third place for the 2020 LCS Summer Playoffs, even though they stood in first place for the regular season. This was a big improvement from this year’s regular Spring season, where they came in ninth place right above Counter Logic Gaming. For the Playoffs, they lost against TSM 2-3, which prevented them from moving on to the Summer Finals.

Broxah’s high ambitions for TL

Broxah had recently played for European League of Legends team Fnatic from 2017 until 2019. He had a great track record with them, coming in mostly in the top ranks for several playoffs and regular seasons. He had also participated in Worlds 2019, getting as far up as sixth place as his team lost against eventual Worlds champion FunPlus Pheonix. Broxah then joined TL, playing with them ever since.

In his letter, he acknowledges that going from ninth place to third isn’t bad, and he should be proud. Unfortunately, this isn’t good enough for him as he strives to achieve more. He continued, “The amount of pain and sorrow that I have felt these past days definitely has confirmed that.”

He followed the statement by sharing that TL has plenty of work to do in preparations for Worlds. Ending the letter is a sincere thank you to all of his fans and supporters for sticking by him throughout the season.

Many fans know Broxah as someone who doesn’t show emotion and has high expectations for himself. As a response to the letter, many fans, casters, and fellow players supported him. Overall, these messages complimented his hard work ethic as well as the entire team.

Broxah and TL are currently on their way to Shanghai to participate in this year’s Worlds. The rest of the team plans to work even harder to compete against top international teams. Unfortunately, they have been pushed to the bottom of the ladder into Play-Ins. The team must climb their way out of the initial matches, making their way to Groups with FlyQuest and TSM.