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This article is written in partnership with Opera GX, the browser for gamers. Download it for free here.

Let’s face it, browsing the internet during lengthy gaming sessions while trying to avoid dips in your computer’s performance can be a nightmare. All it takes is a sudden stutter from a website refreshing or YouTube loading a new song during a heated moment in Overwatch 2 and its instant death.  With over 20 million monthly active users, could Opera GX, the first web browser built specially for gamers, be the answer? 

While other browsers are great for things like surfing the web and keeping you safe online, Opera GX offers a gateway to gaming culture that puts you at the center. From giving you the power to manage how the browser impacts your PC’s performance during a gaming session, to being able to discover and play awesome free games, Opera GX’s features are next-level. Let’s take a look.

GX Control Panel gives you the power

Opera opens early access to Opera GX, the world's first gaming browser -  Blog | Opera Desktop

Things like our GX Control Panel, a built-in network limiter, plus a whole lot more, Opera GX cuts down on system resource usage to put gaming at the front and center of your experience.

With GX Control, you can maintain a mountain of open tabs without needing to dedicate system memory to them. Just put a limit on the amount of CPU and RAM resources you’d like Opera GX to utilize and the browser will smartly prioritize which tabs to keep open. This works hand-in-hand with the Network Limiter, allowing you to keep YouTube open but not dedicate your entire allocation of bandwidth to it.

Never miss a moment

Opera GX’s sidebar gives you control over your social media platforms when you need them. You can log into your Twitch account directly from the browser and get notifications for when your favorite channels go live. Integration with Discord lets you receive messages from friends and servers, allowing you to stay in on the conversation even when browsing.

And with TikTok also available directly from the sidebar, accessing your favorite gaming content couldn’t be easier. Plus, you can then quickly jump into voice calls without having to boot up the main app.

Break up with boring

One of the best features of Opera GX, the browser is entirely moddable. While Opera provides some generic customization options such as wallpapers, colors, and special themes, you can dabble in GX Mods to take your browser experience even further. With support for all Google Chrome extensions, you don’t need to lose any functionality when changing over.

Gateway to great games and knowledge

Opera GX Gaming Browser: A Review - Grown Gaming

But Opera GX isn’t just great for optimizing your gaming performance. Through GX Corner, a dedicated section of the browser, you can also discover and play awesome free games while also accessing great deals on popular indie hits. GX Corner connects directly to GX.games — a platform packed with inventive and original indie games, many of which are available to play for free. Plus, the GX.games monthly drop gives users the chance to claim and keep two popular indie games each month.  

GX Corner also features a cross-platform game release calendar to help you keep track of all the big releases – whatever platforms you play on. 

Switching to Opera GX is simple. With a quick import tool that grabs all of your bookmarks, browsing history, and cookies, it’s as easy as installing Opera GX and trying it out for yourself. Just let Opera automatically grab all of your settings and you’ll be off to the races.

Download Opera GX for free here!


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