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The Boston Uprising are looking to make some changes for the next season. By way of example, the Uprising have signed a new head coach: Seung-hyun “Lori” Kim. Lori has an extensive background as a head coach that should serve him in leading the Uprising next year.

Lori’s background

Lori began coaching in Korea for Contenders team Mono Frog. However, he moved on to coaching American team Bermuda, now known as Noble. As the head coach, Lori led Bermuda to three tournament wins in a row. Unfortunately, as Bermuda rebranded to Noble and joined Contenders proper, the team didn’t finish well. This led Lori to another region: Europe. Surprisingly, Lori became the coach for Eternal Academy, the Contenders team for the Paris Eternal. He ended up finishing better with them than he did with Bermuda, but he went back to Korea after Eternal Academy disbanded.

In Korea, Lori decided to join Contenders team World Game Star Phoenix. The team went off to a hot start. They beat popular favorite RunAway in Lori’s first full week with the team, but they got eliminated by RunAway in the playoffs. Still, finishing in third place was admirable. Not too long after that, Boston announced their signing of Lori as head coach.

What will Lori bring to the Uprising?

It is hard to say what Lori will do for his new team, but we do know what he brings: experience, from many different regions, no less. Furthermore, President of Gaming for the Uprising Chris “HuK” Loranger echoed this sentiment.

I was initially impressed with Lori for many reasons, including his success coaching rosters in multiple regions. Lori and I have been getting to know each other for the past several weeks, during which time he has turned down several other OWL offers to join the Uprising.

Boston Uprising on stage.
2018-04-07 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Additionally, Lori has knowledge of how to deal with both losing and winning. Lori has been on teams who have finished low and high. Also, his time spent all over the world coaching will help him find new players for Boston, most likely underrated ones. It is also important to mention that as a Korean coach, Lori can continue forging paths to success for players Sang-min “Myunb0ng” Seo and Tae-hee “Jerry” Min. But, with how poorly the Uprising did last season, Lori does have an uphill road to climb.