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Gravity Gaming announced that “Bocchi” would join its team as a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player on July 6. Less than six hours later, Bocchi tweeted that she had already parted ways with the organization.


Gravity Gaming initially brought on Bocchi as both a competitor and content creator. The organization plugged her Smash Ultimate Isabelle guide shortly after announcing that she would join the team. Bocchi also held an AMA in Gravity Gaming’s Discord server for an hour following the initial announcement.

However, she later revealed that she had not yet signed a contract with Gravity Gaming. She decided not to sign with the organization. Bocchi stated that she had agreed to join Gravity Gaming too hastily, and that she was willing to wait for a better offer.

Bocchi is currently endorsed by Team Sick Neutral. However, she is looking for a more prestigious esports team that may be willing to sign her. Bocchi took to Twitter to market herself, citing her rapidly growing social media presence and her ability to compete at a fairly high level. She also advertised her charismatic personality and loyal fan base.

Bocchi: Smash Ultimate’s latest prodigy

Bocchi rose to national prominence for her performance at AON Smash Ultimate #027. There, she defeated Carlos “Raptor” Vanegas and Elliot “Ally” Carroza-Oyarce in order to place 5th. Many people consider her to be one of the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Isabelle mains. She is also recognized for her success at such a young age, as she is only 15 years old.

Bocchi faced criticism as she became more widely known throughout the Smash scene. She considered withdrawing from the Smash Ultimate community on account of the bullying she experienced. However, Bocchi has since resumed competing and making competitive content.

Though she has achieved national recognition, Bocchi has not yet competed outside of her home state of New York. As a result, she has yet to pull off a significant major tournament performance. However, she will be attending a handful of upcoming tournaments. Among these are Defend the North, EVO 2019, and Super Smash Con 2019.