Bobby Kotick makes secret contributions to Republican efforts
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Activision Blizzard has been at the center of a legal firestorm in the past months. | Provided by Activision

Bobby Kotick makes secret contributions to Republican efforts

The funds are allegedly in regard to veteran issues

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has been using secret companies to make political contributions to Republican efforts, according to a report by CNBC.  The embattled executive has donated $500,000 to the Senate Leadership Fund, a Super PAC with the sole mission to “protect and expand” the Republican hold on the Senate, during the 2020 election.

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A spokesperson for Kotick said that the executive has made “roughly the same amount to Democrats and Republicans,” even though his donation to the Senate Majority Fund is his largest known political contribution. His spokesperson added that most of Kotick’s donations are focused on issues surrounding military veterans.

“His giving and that of the Call of Duty Foundation, which he co-chairs, is with the goal of ensuring all veterans have employment opportunities that reflect the sacrifices they make through their service,” reads an email statement to CNBC from Kotick’s spokesperson Mark Herr.

Kotick and Republican causes

Donors are known to hide their political donations from scrutiny through LLCs like this. Kotick’s two companies, Norgate LLC and 807080A LLC, have listed addresses that are a one-minute walk from each other, according to Google Maps.

Even though Kotick has donated to both political parties, records reviewed by CNBC show that his bigger checks have mainly gone to Republican efforts.

Bobby Kotick has been at the center of several years-long investigations into Activision Blizzard. Multiple government agencies have accused the mega publisher of fostering a discriminatory and “frat boy” culture over the last decade. Multiple reports show that Kotick knew and covered up instances of sexual assault.

Kotick is rumored to be leaving Activision Blizzard once Microsoft’s near $70 billion acquisition of the company closes in 2023. The executive has said that he may stay longer if necessary. Employees are cautiously optimistic that new ownership will bring about a better future for the company without Kotick.

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