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At the start of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season 1, bloom was added with the Vanguard weapons and has been a major talking point around the community. Bloom, a mechanic that essentially makes bullets go random places at random times, is a common feature in third-person shooters, such as Fortnite, but it has never been in Call of Duty. That changed with Vanguard, however, as bloom was added to most major weapon classes. When Season 1 was released, bloom followed the Vanguard weapons into Warzone Pacific.

This led to players staying away from Vanguard weapons, as they couldn’t control them as well as other guns in the game. Raven software then announced adjustments to this in the Dec. 15 update in Warzone Pacific. But players hadn’t expected the developers to completely remove bloom.

Warzone Pacific rids Vanguard weapons of bloom

The update’s patch notes listed three different changes to how recoil works for Vanguard guns in Warzone Pacific. It seems that these three changes were enough to make the mechanic unnoticeable when firing a Vanguard weapon.

YouTuber @TheXclusiveAce did some testing on Vanguard weapons and found that bloom doesn’t appear to be a mechanic anymore.

As fans can see, the AS44 doesn’t have the random bullet pattern it had from before the Dec. 15 update. Instead, if players are accurate, their shots will all go to the same spot. This is the way that Modern Warfare and Cold War weapons are, so it makes sense to have the Vanguard weapons act this way as well.

While this is great news for most Warzone fans, Vanguard multiplayer has not changed. Bloom is still present on the weapons in the game. However, the mechanic is much more forgiving than it was when Vanguard launched. Players will have to wait and see whether Sledgehammer Games follows Raven Software’s lead and removes bloom fully in Vanguard multiplayer.

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