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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is making some alterations just one day into Season 3. Treyarch released new patch notes on April 23, revealing that certain changes made in the Season 3 weapon tuning update have been reverted to their Season 2 form.

Perhaps the two most controversial aspects of the Season 3 update in multiplayer include changes to submachine gun movement speed and the nerf to slide canceling. Casual and professional players alike complained about both of the changes after the patch went live.

Whether this was the reason for the recent update or not, Treyarch realigned both of these changes to more closely match what they were in Season 2.

New Black Ops Cold War update fixes issues in Season 3

To sum up the controversial aspects of the Season 3 patch, submachine guns actually moved slower than assault rifles when equipped with certain attachments. Obviously, a bulky rifle shouldn’t be able to move faster than a compact SMG.

On the slide canceling front, Treyarch increased the time to transition from a slide to a standing position. The movement mechanic known as “slide canceling” ensures that players can slide and immediately start sprinting once they cancel the slide.

In the newest update, both of these changes were reverted. Submachine guns now move faster than assault rifles by default, which is how it was in Season 2. The developers also reduced the time it takes to transition from sliding to standing. The exact details of the revisions are on Treyarch’s website.

Black Ops Cold War’s new update also adjusted some statistics for assault rifle attachments and fixed in-game bugs. The key bug that the adjustments solved is the annoying audio issue that was present in Search and Destroy. Now, players don’t need to completely take off their headset while playing the mode.

The latest update is live for all players and systems as of the time of writing. As it’s only a patch, there’s no download necessary, so players can hop right in and experience the changes.