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The most recent update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War seems to have done more harm than good. While there were a fair amount of bugs fixed and some new features added, additional problems also surfaced. (Of course, this excludes the Mastery camo bug, which wasn’t completely fixed.) One of these new problems occurs in public matches. Players can no longer vote for which map they want to play next. This has been a feature since the game launched, and it was one sorely missing from Modern Warfare.

Update removes map voting from Black Ops Cold War 

In the official patch notes for the December 8 update, nothing was stated about removing map voting. Nonetheless, you can no longer decide as a lobby which map to do battle on next. This is especially frustrating for players trying to complete camos, as some maps are easier to complete challenges on.

black ops cold war update treyarch
Image via Activision

Upon learning of this removal, the community started tweeting at Treyarch and messaging developers on Reddit. The majority didn’t like the fact that Modern Warfare didn’t have this feature, and they don’t want another year of the game deciding which map they play.

Luckily, this appears to be a simple bug caused by the recent update. There’s no indication as to why this bug made its way into Black Ops Cold War, but it’s actively being worked on by Treyarch. Community Manager FoxhoundFPS recently took to Reddit to explain the situation to fans.

FoxhoundFPS doesn’t offer a release date for a patch to fix the issue, unfortunately. However, if Treyarch can work quickly, the Season One update on December 15 could fix the map voting problem. Along with that, other bugs, like the one with Mastery camos, could also be addressed.

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