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We’re just one day away from the worldwide multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. However, before that occurs, Activision is having a little fun with the community. There have been numerous teasers in the days leading up to the event. We’ve seen a few different short videos that hint at content for the mode. Earlier today, we even saw a complex diagram that showcased the famous AK-47 assault rifle. However, fans are more excited about yesterday’s teaser that showed off the RC-XD killstreak.

The RC-XD making a return in Black Ops Cold War

It wouldn’t be a new Black Ops game without the RC-XD, right? The famous killstreak has appeared in every title of the series as a killstreak/scorestreak. First introduced in the original Black Ops, the RC-XD is a remote-controlled car that can be detonated with a trigger or once time expires on the explosive.

Usually the lowest-priced streak, this little RC car can get a little annoying at times. However, it simply wouldn’t feel like a true Black Ops experience without it in the killstreak menu. You can see proof of its return in Black Ops Cold War in the short video clip below.

From the looks of it, the RC-XD looks to be a little heavier than it’s been in years past. The outside structure looks a little beefier which could mean this version of the RC-XD is a bit slower than in other Black Ops titles.

We should hear more about the killstreak along with a plethora of other multiplayer details tomorrow, September 9. If you’re looking to watch the multiplayer reveal live, check out our article on how to view it.

Are you a fan of the RC-XD returning? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Call of Duty news.

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