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The content for Season One of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is slowly coming into focus. While Activision confirmed some of what’s coming last week, including Raid, we received a plethora of information today. Early this morning, the teasers for a new Easter egg hunt went live and the community eventually unlocked the season’s cinematic trailer. This showcased Season One’s storyline and some of the content fans can expect on December 18. We saw a new map, Mall at the Pines, weapon, and Operator. However, all of this was followed up with some official leaks from data-miners.

The Season One Black Ops Cold War maps

In total, the new season is said to be introducing four new 6v6 Multiplayer maps. As of right now, two are confirmed: Raid and Mall at the Pines. However, two additional maps were found in the files and they’re reportedly what fans have been asking for.

Starting off, Mall at the Pines is supposedly a compact map with an open middle area in the actual mall itself. Dataminers have already managed to play on the map and have said it’s great for Search and Destroy. Also, it apparently reminds the players of Plaza from Black Ops 2. You can visit the Twitter account of @TheGhostofMW2 to see all of the leaks.


Following Mall at the Pines, data-miners were also able to play on a map called Apocalypse. Another 6v6 map, there’s not as much information on this one as there is for Mall at the Pines. However, from the leaked images, it appears Apocalypse is set in some kind of village in the jungle. It has been compared to some original Black Ops maps.

Lastly, dataminers have claimed there’s a map with a crane on it, similar to Highrise from Modern Warfare 2. Unfortunately, there aren’t any images of that map.

From all we’ve heard, the new Black Ops Cold War Season One maps are in great shape. The new ones, paired with Raid, could make for a terrific beginning season.

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