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The leaks for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War don’t appear to be stopping anytime soon, with multiplayer gets its turn. In just 12 hours’ time, we’ve heard more information on the title than we’ve heard in the past year. Information is flowing like water through the Rocky Mountains and we’ve been here all day covering each and every detail. Be sure to check out Call of Duty hub if you’ve missed any of our previous articles. For our newest leak though, one creator has released a YouTube video that goes over what weapons, maps, and modes players can expect in Black Ops Cold War.

More leaks surface for Black Ops Cold War multiplayer

Most of the credit for this information goes to SalvationsElite on YouTube. He was one of the lucky few to see the leaked gameplay for BOCW and put together what he saw in a new video. The video has since been taken down by Activision but we’ll be going over everything stated.

Gameplay Elements

  • 150 health is back (No Stim Shot)
  • EKIA is back as it was in Black Ops 4
  • Sliding from previous games returns
  • Skill-based matchmaking is said to be “strong”
  • TTK has been decreased from BO4
  • Dead Silence returns as a perk
  • Original Mini-Map is back
  • Field Upgrades from Modern Warfare are in the game (Trophy System, Proximity Mine)
  • Swimming from BO3 and BO4 returns
  • No specialists
  • Scorestreaks return but with a twist (read more)


  • Details for two maps (Miami club and open desert)
black ops cold war maps
Image via Wiki

Game Modes

  • Hardpoint
  • Kill Confirmed
  • VIP (Safeguard from BO3)
  • Ground War: 12v12


  • Assault Rifles: M16, AK5
  • Submachine Guns: Uzi, MP5, AK74U
  • Not Classified: Type 63, Stoner 63, Type 15, Colt Commando
  • Sniper: M40
  • Create-A-Class is similar to BO4 but also doesn’t feature as many choices as Modern Warfare. Three perks for every class plus five attachments for each weapon.


  • UAV
  • Cruise Missile
  • Napalm Strike
  • Artillery Strike
  • Chopper Gunner
  • VTOL

Of course, all of this information isn’t concrete by any means. However, the fact that Activision took down SalvationsElite’s video does say something.

We’ll be sure to update you with any additional leaks regarding Black Ops Cold War here at Daily Esports.

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