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Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson was informed that Cold War could receive ranked play between now and March. Treyarch has always been known for creating fan-favorite Call of Duty titles with spectacular maps and camos. However, Cold War was released at the start of November and has yet to receive a ranked playlist. Infinity Ward failed to produce a ranked playlist with their title Modern Warfare last year.

Modern Warfare’s downfall was the lack of a ranked mode for players. It forced many inspiring pros to have to play public matches which wasn’t an accurate representation of their skill. This forced hidden skilled-based-matchmaking to be implemented into the base game. The SBMM was then carried over to Infinity Ward’s battle royale Warzone. Without a ranked play in either title, fans grew frustrated and hoped that Treyarch would deliver with the next title.

Unfortunately, Treyarch has been somewhat silent on their news of any future plans regarding ranked play. It wasn’t until now that they’ve made any announcement regarding the potential of the mode. Despite the leak from Tom Henderson on Twitter, there’s not much known about the mode. All we can assume is it will be similar to league play from previous Treyarch titles.

Will Cold War survive without ranked play?

Infinity Ward made the mistake of removing a ranked mode from the game completely with Modern Warfare. Despite Treyarch having a better track record with their games, the addition of a ranked play may be too late. Black Ops Cold War was released back in November, and many players are growing bored without the ranked mode.

Even professional players such as Seth “Scump” Abner and Dylan “Envoy” Hannon are growing tired of the same thing day in and out. They spoke about the lack of things to do in Cold War earlier this month when they revealed that the league wouldn’t start until February. However, we could see a league/ranked play release at the same time the Call of Duty League begins.

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