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The most recent update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War rolled out last night to all systems. It was touted by Treyarch as a huge quality of life patch that ended up fixing a ton of in-game bugs. Also, it introduced a new UI and other small changes to improve the game’s performance. While these were solid improvements, the change most players were looking forward to was the fix to Mastery camo bug. Since the beginning of the game, players have struggled to formally unlock Diamond and Dark Matter camo. The December 8 update was said to patch those bugs out but it doesn’t seem to have done the job.

Mastery camos still not patched in Black Ops Cold War

When the update started to roll out late last night, many players rushed into their Loadout tab to see if they had finally acquired Diamond or Dark Matter Ultra. For most, one or two of their completed weapon categories are bugged and not giving them Diamond camo. However, Treyarch stated this would be patched in the December 8 update.

Unfortunately, a majority of players’ camos are still bugged. There were a small number of players who actually unlocked Dark Matter Ultra, though. Twitch streamer Mason “Symfuhny” Lanier showcased his new Mastery camo earlier today.

Unfortunately, the rest of the community is still lying in wait for their camos to be fixed. Treyarch Community Manager FoxhoundFPS recently went on Reddit to say the team is looking into the issue.

However, in turn, fans responded with some questions as to how the update made it past testing. Nevertheless, there’s still no timetable for another attempt at a fix for the Mastery camo bug. The next update for Black Ops Cold War is slated for December 15, the day before Season One launches.

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