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The rumor mill for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has ground to a halt. Last week, we received a flurry of intel all at the same time, which you can catch up on at our Call of Duty hub. However, since then, the leaks have seemingly stopped altogether. Well, for the most part. A reputable insider source revealed a new leak yesterday, which points at a pre-Beta Alpha version being released for Black Ops Cold War. Let’s check out the rumor and see if there’s any weight to it.

Black Ops Cold War alpha releasing?

This new leak comes from TheGamingRevolution, who’s the community’s foremost authority on inside leaks. The YouTuber almost certainly has a source close to the development of every Call of Duty title. This explains why his leaks are usually spot on and why Activision is actively trying to take him down.

However, the leaker refuses to go anywhere and keeps delivering leaks for the community. In one of his latest reveals, TheGamingRevolution let everyone about a possible alpha in Black Ops Cold War. For those unaware, an alpha is basically a version of the game that’s cut down significantly, even more so than a beta. TGR explains it more in-depth in a new video.

Essentially, the leak states that an alpha version of BOCW is in the files of Modern Warfare. Why it would be in there is a mystery, as there could be several explanations. One of these is that this is the version of the game that influencers played at a recent event.

However, the other explanation is a bit more enticing. TGR thinks that the files contain the alpha because it could open up to the public. Modern Warfare could display an in-game message about the alpha and explain how players can join. This version of the game would likely be bare bones and simply offer an early look at Black Ops Cold War.

If an alpha were to arrive for the game, it would likely release sometime in early-mid September. The open beta releases on October 9, so the dates can’t clash too severely.

We’ll be sure to update you with any further developments here at Daily Esports.

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