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Yesterday, dataminers had a field day in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War website files. For some reason, a plethora of Season 1 content was made available for leaking yesterday evening. Dataminers were able to leak the various maps, cosmetics, and other content coming to Season 1 on Thursday, December 10. However, what was not mentioned in yesterday’s round of leaks is highly concerning to the community. There was no mention of League Play in the files according to one prominent leaker. While not official, this doesn’t bode well for the mode’s arrival in Season 1.

League Play not coming with Black Ops Cold War Season 1?

The existence of League Play has already been confirmed for Black Ops Cold War. Treyarch itself made the community aware it’s being worked on before the game released back in November. However, in-game leaks have also proven the game will receive League Play sometime in the future.

black ops cold war league play leak
League Play is a fan-favorite mode thanks to its rewarding progression system. Image via Activision

Although, it doesn’t appear it will arrive in the near future as some fans hoped. While Cold War didn’t launch with the most content in the franchise’s history, many thought Treyarch would release a ranked mode with Season 1 on December 10. This would match the timeline for previous ranked modes in other Call of Duty titles. Although, Black Ops 4 waited until February 21 to release its version of League Play.

In fact, Black Ops 3 was the last title to release a ranked mode at launch back in 2015. So though fans didn’t expect it to be available on November 13, the hope was that Season 1’s content drop would include League Play. Unfortunately, according to @BlackOpsLeaks, there’s no mention of it in the recently updated files.

While this doesn’t confirm anything, it’s highly unlikely that League Play will arrive next week. Treyarch usually includes all content in the files before any big update goes live to prepare for its release. Since League Play was left out, it appears fans will have to wait a little longer before playing a ranked mode.

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