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The multiplayer open beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is underway, and fans are finding some flaws. While the game isn’t as polished as it will be come November 13, Treyarch still wants to hear feedback. Well, the community is complaining about a wide array of aspects, namely skill-based matchmaking. However, there’s an under-the-radar complaint that is making multiplayer matches extremely difficult to play. The explosives, namely frag grenades, are vastly overpowered in Black Ops Cold War, and it’s extremely noticeable.

Frag grenades dominating Black Ops Cold War beta

In the new Call of Duty title, players are required to take one lethal and one tactical grenade. This can be increased to two each with the Danger Close Wildcard, which is popular in the open beta. As such, the grenade spam across multiplayer is widespread.

Since every player has at least one grenade, you’ll often see them flying around the map every few seconds or so. However, it’s not the spam that’s the main issue; it’s the damage that the explosives actually do.

Black Ops Cold War open beta ps4 multiplayer treyarch
Image via Activision

If you’ve played the beta, then you know how powerful the frag grenades in particular are. Once you see the red grenade indicator on your screen, you’re likely dead. Since there’s no Flak Jacket perk yet, everyone is getting killed by grenades, even if they’re relatively far away from the impact.

This has resulted in some pretty visible complaints from the community. Professional players constantly rage on stream whenever a grenade kills them. It’s unclear if a Flak Jacket would resolve these issues, but you shouldn’t need a perk to save yourself from the constant barrage of grenades.

Hopefully, Treyarch can tune down the explosive damage for the next beta weekend or at least by launch.

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