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Metroid Prime Remastered
Provided by Retro Studios

Best shooter games on Nintendo Switch, ranked (2023)

Get your Switch and go pew-pew to your heart's content with these shooters.

There are tons of games to play on your Nintendo Switch. Some of them are very exciting shooters that are great when played at home and on the road. Here’s a quick look at the best shooter games you can play on your Switch right now. We have arranged them in descending order based on our personal opinions and player reviews.

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15. Fortnite

Provided by Epic Games

Fortnite is a fun game, something that deserves to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere on the Nintendo Switch. Players very well know what this Epic Games shooter is about — fun massive gunfights, fast-paced structure building, challenging long-range sniping, exciting short-range encounters, and so on. This game has it all. While there are many alternatives out there, Fortnite still deserves a place in your list of shooters because of its replay value.

14. Crysis Remastered Trilogy

Crysis Remastered Trilogy
Provided by Crytek

Crytek designed the original Crysis game to be so visually and technically stunning that it spawned the creation of the famous “can it run Crysis” meme during its time. The first title was then followed by sequels that fleshed out the story while adding a few more interesting things with its gameplay and design.

The Remastered trilogy takes all of that, gives the visuals a much-needed update, and combines all three games into one first-person shooter package. Some might think that other games like could be better, but none of them are able to provide what Crytek’s legendary titles can offer: an FPS that will have you planning, executing, then running away and hiding if everything fails.

13. Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3
Provided by Nintendo

Splatoon 3 takes what’s best from its predecessors, refines them, then combines them into one solid game. The concept of painting your opponents might have waned down at this point, but this third entry into the fun shooter franchise still continues to delight players who tried it.

Those who haven’t played the first two Splatoon titles don’t need to worry before trying Splatoon 3. This third game teaches new players the ropes, introduces them to new environments and characters not found in earlier installments, and lets players enjoy the same gameplay fans of the older entries enjoyed. It’s sure to provide you with hours of paint-splattering fun.

12. PowerSlave Exhumed

PowerSlave Exhumed
Provided by Nightdive Studios

PowerSlave Exhumed, as its name implies, is the 90’s PowerSlave FPS exhumed from history, brought to the present, then presented using current technologies. It features 90’s retro graphics, has Egypt as its theme, and offers a lot of running around for its gameplay. What’s more, it features something most shooters don’t have: tons of backtracking.

Unlike many other shooters, PowerSlave Exhumed has multiple exits on its levels. Some of these are closed until you are able to acquire the necessary requirements to be given entry. This means you’ll need to keep coming back to places you haven’t accessed. Don’t worry about backtracking, though, as the game makes the effort worth it.

11. Metro 2033/Last Light Redux

Metro 2033/Last Light Redux
Provided by 4A Games

Metro 2033 and its sequel, Metro Last Light, are survival horror shooters based on the popular fiction book by Dmitri Glukhovsky. It puts you in the shoes of Artyom, as he makes his way to eradicating people who have mutated into gruesome monstrosities due to the intense radiation plaguing a post-apocalyptic Moscow. Every enemy encounter could be your last since the enemies are deadly, and weapons and ammunition are limited. You’ll find yourself relying on your wits to survive most of the time.

The Metro titles, including the reworked “Redux” entries, are highly recommended first-person shooters. Keep in mind, however, that they do include some sexually suggestive content, so keep this away from younger ones playing your Switch.

10. Dusk

Provided by David Szymanski

Dusk is a remarkable first-person shooter inspired by the 90’s classics that made the genre what it is today. It features retro aesthetics, combined with fast-paced gunfights across dozens of levels filled with all sorts of terrifying enemies. While each level is unique and offers something different to the table, the game does a great job of maintaining an eerie, heart-thumping atmosphere that will have you running all the time.

What’s great about Dusk is that despite being obviously inspired by titles like Doom, it has its own uniqueness. Some consider this the best first-person shooter they ever played. This could very well be the best shooter for the Nintendo Switch, if you enjoy puzzles, scary encounters, and mayhem.

9. BioShock: The Collection

BioShock: The Collection
Provided by Irrational Games

BioShock: The Collection lets you enjoy the things that made the series great. BioShock 1 has you playing as an initially unnamed protagonist, battling enemies belonging to a dystopian society in the underwater city of Rapture. Some of these enemies include Big Daddies, which need to be taken out before you can deal with the Little Sisters alongside them. Interestingly, BioShock 2 has you taking the role of one of those Big Daddies, giving you a chance to see the series’ plot from an opposing perspective.

BioShock Infinite, the last entry in The Collection, takes you out of Rapture and into the city of Columbia. Infinite has a totally different story, introduces a new cast of characters, and adds new features not found in the earlier installments. This is a single-player shooter you should have in your Switch, regardless of the lack of gyro aiming support.

8. Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition

Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition
Provided by People Can Fly

Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition is a first-person shooter that features linear gameplay. While the game doesn’t really allow you to explore worlds, it does treat you to a satisfying story. The build-up toward the endgame is also nice since you’d be starting out weak, but you will find stronger, more powerful weapons later in the game.

The Duke of Switch Edition adds a hilarious twist to the game. Instead of playing as the protagonist, you’ll be playing as the infamous shooter hero Duke Nukem. What’s funny here is that other characters will continue interacting with you as if you’re still Grayson.

7. Borderlands Legendary Collection

Borderlands Legendary Collection
Provided by 2K

Borderlands Legendary Collection for the Nintendo Switch lets you enjoy the fun open-world looter anywhere. While Borderlands 3 is not included in the collection, you will still get a lot of play time from the Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Together, these three games can give you a combined 200 hours of looting and shooting.

For those who don’t know, Borderlands is a first-person shooter with heavy looting elements. The game has thousands of guns, which means you’ll be looking for loot everywhere in order to get the best weapons to slay enemies. The game also lets you choose a character class, each of which has a corresponding major skill that you will need to master. There’s a lot to enjoy here, so don’t miss it.

6. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
Provided by MachineGames

The New Colossus picks up from the events of The New Order and puts you in the shoes of B.J. Blackowicz who eventually leads the Resistance against an oppressive regime. While the game is absolutely violent, it focuses on the lead characters’ attempts to liberate America from the clutches of Hitler’s fictional rule over the U.S. and the entire world.

This game will have you recruiting people to join the Resistance, assassinating Nazi leaders who hold key positions in the regime, awakening people’s patriotism, and taking over Nazi property and using them to start a revolution. If you love freedom, you’re going to love this game.

5. Superhot

Provided by Superhot Team

This innovative shooter became a successful Kickstarter project that introduced a totally different kind of first-person shooting experience unlike any other. Whereas some shooters had some sort of “bullet time” that could be used during special cases, Superhot has you enjoying perpetual bullet time—meaning time is definitely slowed down for you, as long as you don’t move. This concept turns this simple shooter into a delightful puzzle game that will have you thinking more than pulling the trigger.

What makes Superhot even better is the challenge that each stage brings. To start, your character can be killed with just one hit from enemies. You will need to plan your moves carefully, execute them precisely, and make sure to survive any attack on your person. If you want that kind of challenge, then Superhot is the game for you.

4. Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger

Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger
Provided by Techland

This Techland epic offers a different kind of shooter in a world filled with militaristic and futuristic first-person shooting games. You play as a gunslinging bounty hunter in search of the most notorious outlaws in the Old West, particularly during the post-Civil War period. You’ll need grit and skill to face and overcome legendary figures and become the best gunslinger ever.

Unlike other shooters, however, Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger doesn’t have any modern weaponry given its setting. You’ll have to be a master at dodging bullets, then shooting using both pistols and rifles if you want to win. It’s not just drawing your gun and going pew-pew — it’s about being the overall best that you can be in this game.

3. Metroid Prime Remastered

Metroid Prime Remastered
Provided by Retro Studios

This remastered version of the Gamecube classic will put you in the boots of Samus Aran as she goes on a challenging journey across labyrinths in the planet known as Tallon IV. Unlike most Metroid titles, Metroid Prime is an FPS where you only get to see Samus’ face and/or person when she’s riding an elevator or through reflections in certain areas. This perspective changed the way Metroid games are played, even that of Metroid Dread. While this game is but a remaster of an older game, it deserves a place in your Switch if you love the series.

2. Doom

Doom (2017)
Provided by id Software

The Doom series of first-person shooters have a long legacy, the first entry of which saw a market release early in the 1990s. These games made a mark in video gaming history, allowing players to put themselves in the shoes of the notorious Doomguy or Doom Slayer known for blasting demons into smithereens using any weapon he can get his hands on. Thankfully, you can relive all of that thrill on the road using your Nintendo Switch.

All entries in the Doom franchise deserve a spot in your Nintendo handheld. If you like classic shooters, then the original Doom title is perfect for you, especially if you’ve played it and want to revisit it. If you want more sophistication in terms of design, weaponry, plot, and the gore the series is known for, then DOOM Eternal just might be your cup of tea.

1. Neon White

Neon White
Provided by Angel Matrix

While Neon White is a platformer at its core, it offers a fast-paced and one-of-a-kind first-person shooter experience that will have you playing for hours. It combines a good story, flashy art design, a soundtrack that will have you pumping, intense gameplay, and tons of replay value to create a game you’d want to come back to over and over again.

This game has been widely acclaimed for its fluid gameplay, and its clever combination of card games, social sims, and unique shooter mechanics. If you want a shooter that’s more than just the firearms, you’ve got to have this in your Switch.

And that’s it for our list of the best shooter games for the Nintendo Switch! Again, these are based on our opinions as well as player reviews, so they might not reflect your tastes accurately. This list is simply meant to provide you with the most recommended titles you are sure to enjoy playing.

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