Best PC keybinds for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PC keybinds
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Best PC keybinds for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Utilize the best keybinds for multiplayer

The PC scene for Call of Duty has never been bigger. This can mostly be attributed to the success of Call of Duty: Warzone, but even traditional multiplayer players have been making the switch from console to PC over the past few years.

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Given how prominent the PC player base is, it’s no surprise that hundreds of thousands of players experienced the Modern Warfare 2 beta on PC this past weekend. With so many players now using their computers to play Modern Warfare 2, we thought it would be prudent to go over which keybinds are the best to use.

Whether you’re a veteran PC player or a novice, anyone could benefit from seeing what keybinds a majority of players use. Keybinds are extremely important in any shooter-type game, as players need to feel comfortable with the inputs they’re pressing to make snap decisions.

However, there’s also an element of personal preference that comes into play. With all of this in mind, players can see the recommended list of keybinds for Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. This will, at the very least, give players a foundation to start with.

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Modern Warfare 2 best PC keybinds

We’ll be separating the keybinds by the individual categories they are found in within the settings menu of MW2.


  • Move Forward: W
  • Move Backward: S
  • Move Left: A
  • Move Right: D
  • Interact: E
  • Jump/Stand/Mantle: Space Bar
  • Prone: Z
  • Change Stance/Slide:
  • Crouch/Slide: C
  • Sprint/Tactical Sprint/Focus: Shift
  • Movement Advanced Keybinds: Default


  • Fire Weapon: Left Mouse Button
  • Aim Down Sight: Right Mouse Button
  • Reload: R
  • Next Weapon: 2
  • Weapon Mount: ADS + Melee
  • Melee: F
  • Lethal Equipment: G
  • Tactical Equipment: Q
  • Field Upgrade: X
  • Armor Plate Drop Item: Z
  • Advanced:
    • Weapon Inspect: I
    • Alternate Fire: B
    • Change Zoom/Toggle Hybrid: Middle Mouse Button
    • Previous Weapon: 1
    • Detonate C4: G
    • Night Vision Goggles: N
    • Mission Ability 1: 4
    • Mission Ability 2: 5
    • Killstreak 1: 3
    • Killstreak 2: 4
    • Killstreak 3: 5
    • Killstreak 4: 6
    • Killstreak Wheel: T
  • Show Scoreboard: Tab
  • Ping: Left Alt
  • Ping Wheel: Left Ctrl

That’s all of the pertinent keybinds that players will have to worry about in Modern Warfare 2. Of course, players can change these keybinds how they see fit. However, these are a terrific starting point for players who simply want to get into the game and see what keybinds work for them.

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