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In the new Battle for Olympus game mode for Overwatch 2, here are the best heroes to choose to win the eight-player free-for-all matches. While all heroes have their benefits and disadvantages, there are a couple that clearly rise to the top in the group of seven heroes available.

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Hades Pharah is one of the best heroes

Out of all the heroes in the Battle for Olympus, Hades Pharah is one of the best ones for multiple reasons. First off, there is only one true counter to Pharah, and that’s hitscan heroes. Out of the seven heroes in the game mode, there is only one hitscan hero, Widowmaker. Plus, while she can counter Pharah in this game mode, the free-for-all aspect makes it tougher. Widowmaker is left open to die to other heroes while she tries to shoot all the Pharah down.

Plus, her ultimate heals, does more damage and makes her even stronger. If you are good with Pharah, you can extend her ultimate period even longer, making her very hard to kill.

Hermes Lucio lets supports go as aggressive as ever

The second-best hero in this game mode is Lucio, thanks to his durability and natural dodging capabilities. Lucio is hard enough to kill in regular Overwatch 2 gameplay as it is. So, when you give him an ultimate that essentially makes him an offensive juggernaut who moves even faster and doesn’t have to reload, Lucio mains will go crazy.

In fact, with his ultimate, he might be the second-best counter to Pharah in Battle for Olympus. On top of self-healing, boops and speed, you might see Lucio atop your free-for-all matches.

Zeus Junker Queen is the best tank available

Out of the four tanks in this game mode, Junker Queen is the best one available. First off, it all revolves around her strong ultimate and self-healing capabilities. While Roadhog also has self-healing, Junker Queen is very strong against the other three tanks available, especially Roadhog.

On top of a decent primary fire than can help deal with Pharah players and an axe that can help with Lucios trying to boop you, Junker Queen round out the best of the seven heroes in Battle for Olympus mode in Overwatch 2.

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