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The DG-58 LSW is one of the six light machine guns currently in Call of Duty MW3 and it’s right in the middle of the pack when it comes to viability. There are other LMGs that are slightly stronger than the DG-58 LSW, but you can turn the gun into a meta contender with a particular loadout for multiplayer.

To see the best loadout for the DG-58 in MW3, keep reading my guide below.

Best DG-58 LSW loadout in MW3

  • Muzzle: VT-7 Spitfire Suppressor
  • Barrel: WUDI Long Barrel
  • Optic: MK. 3 Reflector
  • Comb: FSS Last Stand Comb
  • Rear Grip: Varanus Steady Grip
Screenshot via Upcomer

While mobility definitely takes a hit with this loadout, I am more focused on improving the DG-58 LSW’s prowess at longer ranges, as that’s where a majority of your gunfights will likely take place. This starts with the VT-7 Spitfire Suppressor and WUDI Long Barrel, both of which increase damage range and bullet velocity. Then, I have the Varanus Steady Grip to improve recoil control and aiming fire stability.

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Rounding out the loadout is the FSS Last Stand Comb for slightly extra mobility and the MK. 3 Reflector optic, a solid choice for mid-long range engagements. Of course, you can always swap out the optic for another sight if you prefer.

Best Class Setup for the DG-58 LSW in MW3

Finally, I have the best perks, equipment, and Field Upgrade you can use with your DG-58 LSW loadout in MW3.

  • Gloves: Marksman Gloves
  • Boots: Covert Sneakers
  • Gear: Tac Mask/EOD Padding/Ghost T/V Camo


  • Lethal: Frag Grenade
  • Tactical: Stim

Field Upgrade

  • Trophy System/Portable Radar

And that does it for the best DG-58 LSW loadout in MW3. It might not be the strongest light machine gun in multiplayer, but it’s certainly a serviceable weapon you can use in any circumstance.