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There are an abundance of custom games in Overwatch 2 and they range in gameplay experience. But some of the most popular are there to help you improve your aim in creative ways.

If you’re looking to get better at Overwtach 2, you’ll need to work on your mechanical skills. If you’re wondering how to do that in a controlled environment, look no further than these custom games. These were meant to help you with your aiming in different scenarios you’ll encounter in actual matches.

How to use codes for custom games in Overwatch 2

How To Set Up a Custom Game in Overwatch 2
Provided by Twinfinite

Here’s how to use custom game codes:

  • Start by going to the Custom Games section of the main menu
  • Click on the Create button at the top right
  • Go to the settings tab
  • Just below the word summary, the second button from the left is the Import Code button
  • Copy and paste each code

Code CT04V: Moving enemies

There are multiple aim training games you can find in the Custom Games section of Overwatch 2 simply by putting the word ‘aim’ into the search bar. But, one of the best ones around is using the code CT04V. Putting this into a Custom Game gives you tons of bots as lots of different heroes, moving around and using abilities.

The AI use mainly defensive abilities, allowing you to choose any hero and practice against plenty of enemies without taking damage. They move more realistically than just left and right or forward and back, making it good practice for ranked play.

Plus, as a cherry on top, the names chosen for your enemies are former and current Overwatch League players. This means you can get that kill on Daniel “FunnyAstro” Hathaway you always wanted.

Code 6CJXR1: Hitscan practice

Overwatch 2 aim training
The hitscan aim training game mode in Overwatch 2. | Provided by Michael Czar.

This aim training is more of a classic one that original Overwatch players might recognize. On Lijang Tower, walking out of spawn teleports you to a section of the map where enemies are flung in the air. This allows you to shoot them as you please. But with how fast they fall, you need to either track well, hit headshots —or both — to kill them.

This is more of a hitscan practice over everything, especially good for Widowmaker and Cassidy aim practice.

Code DYEJA: Headshots only

Last but not least, if you really want to focus on hitting headshots, this aim training is made for that purpose. On a blank Workshop map, enemies will walk around but only die if headshot. This one is a mix of the last two codes, but needs even better aim to truly nail it down.

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