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Along with the general updates that have been released for Pokémon UNITE with patch on Wednesday, there are also tons of gameplay changes. Several characters have been buffed, nerfed or had their moves reworked. Here are all of the changes that come with the update.

Nerfs in patch of Pokémon UNITE

Greninja, who has been a staple in the metagame for the past month, is the primary target for nerfs in this update. The jungler will now have it’s attack and max HP reduced, making its overall clear slower. Another meta staple that has received a nerf is Wigglytuff, with a reduction to its Pound and Dazzling Gleam attacks. Previously touted as the best support Pokémon in the game, the balance changes make its overall damage weaker. WIgglytuff players will now have to rely more on using its utility with Sing and its Unite move, Starlight Recital.

Lucario has also been hit with the nerf hammer as its go-to move, Power-Up Punch, now has reduced damage. Last but not least, Blastoise being able to use moves while in Rapid Spin was confirmed to be a bug. The removal of this ability makes the Pokémon feel much more balanced compared to its initial release. Overall, the developers have hit a lot of points that the community were concerned about.

Buffs and changes in version of Pokémon UNITE

Several Pokemon have been buffed in this patch, making them more competitively viable. The two main buffs are to Absol and Charizard. Absol had its Night Slash and Sucker Punch buffed. Both have higher damage and Sucker Punch now has longer immunity from hindrances.

Charizard’s flamethrower was buffed with more movement speed, and its Unite move has been reworked so that the Pokémon is first seismic tossed, then it allows Charizard to freely move between obstacles.

Along with these two major changes, stat buffs have been given to pokémon like Talonflame, Garchomp, Cinderace and Venusaur. All these pokémon have had damage increases to their moves, other than Garchomp, who has become tankier.

Other than these major changes, many bugs have also been fixed with several Pokémon. With these continued updates, it seems that Pokémon UNITE gets more balanced by the day.