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One of the most ridiculous series of the year ends in heartbreaking fashion for the Seattle Surge and elation for Atlanta FaZe. In a rematch of the Major III grand finals, Seattle and Atlanta faced off for the opportunity to make the winner’s finals and secure a top three placement at CDL Champs. After five thrilling maps, Atlanta FaZe was able to walk with a win by the skin of their chin.

Every map in this series deserves a 300-word breakdown, but we’ll try and be as brief as possible. The series began on Tuscan Hardpoint, a solid map for both squads. It was a back and forth battle that Atlanta was winning for a majority of the map. However, when it came down to the second rotation on P5, things began to get historic. With Seattle down roughly 30 points and Atlanta only needing six points to win, Amer “Pred” Zulbeari and Mackenzie “Mack” Kelley made career-defining plays.

Pred started the onslaught by keeping FaZe off of P5 initially, allowing Surge to rotate to P1. However, FaZe didn’t want to give up P5 that easily. With Atlanta looking like they would pick up the slack time they needed to win the game, Mack killed two players off of the hill. This put the score at roughly 244-235. He then went around to P1, where Pred was already killing multiple members of FaZe, and secured a huge double kill to allow Pred to soak up hill time. Seattle was now close to winning, but Atlanta was coming onto the hill. Like a hero in the night, Pred soared through P1, killing two more FaZe players, and secured the win for the Surge.

The next two maps weren’t nearly as thrilling, but Atlanta managed to win both; they claimed the Berlin Search and Destroy and Control on Tuscan for their own. Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson came alive in the Control, especially, leading FaZe in kills. The series then turned to Berlin Hardpoint, where once again Seattle found themselves battling back from a deficit.

As they did on Tuscan, the Surge secured the kills they needed from P5 to P1 on the second/third rotations. After a back and forth battle in P1, where Daunte “Sib” Gray kept Seattle in the game, the last remaining points came down to P2. Yet again, Sib was the hero, killing multiple FaZe players around the hill; this let his teammates step in and soak up the remaining hill time.

After two thrilling Hardpoint wins, Seattle needed to win a S&D to remain in the winner’s bracket at CDL Champs. However, Atlanta’s newfound S&D prowess was too much for Seattle to handle. Despite the map going to round 11 and Seattle even being up 5-4, FaZe clutched up in the end. Chris “Simp” Lehr was the MVP in the game five S&D, dropping 10 kills and getting the first blood in round 11.

The win ensures Atlanta FaZe a top three placement and a date with the winner of LA Thieves/OpTic Texas. Seattle drops to the loser’s bracket and will face the Toronto Ultra.

We’ll be recapping every CDL Champs match throughout the weekend on Upcomer, so stay tuned for more action.

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