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In the three-year history of the Call of Duty League, Atlanta FaZe have largely stuck together. They’ve kept the same roster for two years straight, and three of their four current players have been with the organization since its inception. The only major shift the team made was in the 2020 offseason, when they were forced to drop a player as Call of Duty shifted from 5v5 to 4v4. During that year’s offseason, they dropped two players, MajorManiak and Priestahh, and picked Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson up from the Chicago Huntsmen. Since then, the roster has not changed for more than one series; a fact that will seemingly stay true for at least the start of next season.

According to Arcitys, every Atlanta FaZe player has re-signed with the organization for the Modern Warfare II season. The FaZe player simply said “we’re all re-signed” in streamer Ben Nissim’s Twitch chat as he was discussing each CDL’s team contract situation for next season.

Atlanta FaZe
Arcitys messaged three times in Ben Nissim’s chat earlier this week. | Provided by Ben Nissim

The defending world champion roster has apparently chosen to stick together for the 2023 season before even finishing up the current season. This was the most likely outcome, regardless of each player’s contract situation. The whole roster is close — Arcitys says they’re “lovers forever” — and they’ve dominated the CDL over the past two years. Even though they don’t have a championship yet this season, they’re the favorite to win CDL Champs in two weeks.

Certain fans of the CDL thought Arcitys might be the man out for Atlanta heading into next season. Arcitys has put up lackluster statistics for FaZe this season, but there are several factors that go into that. Vanguard is an inconsistent game, leading to strange stats, and Arcitys does much more in-game than meets the eye. He’s the in-game leader for Atlanta and contributes much more than what his stat line says.

As for Simp, aBeZy, and Cellium, they remain three of the best players in the entire league. Unless something drastic happens in 2023, this roster should once again be atop the league standings in Modern Warfare II.

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