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Atlanta FaZe come back from a 100-point deficit on Checkmate Hardpoint to defeat Toronto Ultra. They are moving on in the Upper Bracket of the CDL Stage 2 Major.

Toronto Ultra looked promising during their Winners’ round 1 matchup against OpTic Chicago when they edged out to win 3-1. They were on the rise after finishing 2-3 in Group A during Stage 2, which placed them in the Winners’ Bracket. However, everything started to fall apart when they faced off against the Stage 1 Major Champions Atlanta FaZe.

Atlanta FaZe went 4-1 overall in Group A to place themselves in Winners’ Round 2 of the Stage 2 Major. The Toronto Ultra would be FaZe’s first matchup of the tournament, and their first chance to maintain their dominance. That dominance seemed to be fading when Toronto Ultra took a 100 point lead over them in the fourth game of the series. Ultra was ahead 107-7 on Checkmate Hardpoint until FaZe finally picked up their controllers and began playing.

Toronto Ultra get played by Atlanta FaZe

Toronto started off slow on Moscow for the first Hardpoint of the series. Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan and Tobias “CleanX” Juul struggled to get things going around the map and finished with below 0.73 KDs. Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris was the saving grace for Atlanta FaZe as he went double-positive during Moscow to secure the win 250-114.

Despite the loss on Moscow, Toronto Ultra brought things back on Raid Search and Destroy. They brought FaZe down a peg after defeating them 6-2. Cammy was able to bounce back from his previous performance and come out with a 1.5 KD during the Search and Destroy. However, a one-sided Raid Control brought the lead back into Atlanta’s favor as they took the clean 3-0 over Ultra in the third map.

Ultra, with their backs against the wall, would have to win the Checkmate Hardpoint to bring the series to a game five. In comparison to their previous three maps, Toronto Ultra looked like a completely different team on Checkmate. They had secured a 100 point lead over Atlanta FaZe who were struggling to get kills across the map. All they needed was 150 more points to force the series to a tie.

Shortly after falling behind by 100 points, Atlanta FaZe finally picked up their controllers and began playing. AbeZy, who was 8/13 when Atlanta FaZe was down by a substantially, became an absolute monster on the map. He was getting several multi-kills against Ultra and finished the map 35/30 overall. Despite the slow start, Atlanta FaZe took the Checkmate Hardpoint 250-288 to advance on in the Winners Bracket.

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