Astralis confirms Vizicsacsi's return to the top lane for LEC summer split
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Astralis confirms Vizicsacsi’s return to the top lane for LEC summer split

The veteran top laner replaces Whiteknight on a struggling roster

Astralis confirmed that top lane legend Kiss “Vizicsacsi” Tamás will return to League of Legends European Championship as their newest player on Monday. Upcomer first broke the news on April 8.

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Vizicsacsi made a name for himself back in the day with champions like Poppy, but he announced his retirement after his contract with Splyce ended in November 2019. However, he returned two years later, in August of 2021, as a positional coach for MAD Lions (formerly Splyce) during their summer split playoff run. In September of the same year, he officially came back to the scene by playing for Oceanic League of Legends World Championship representatives PEACE as a temporary substitute. Now, Vizicsacsi returns to the LEC as the top laner for Astralis, replacing Matti “Whiteknight” Sormunen.

“After our disappointing last-place finish in the 2022 spring split, we have already made some significant changes to our roster with the departure of Zanzarah, WhiteKnight, and promisq,” said Astralis’ coach Bjørn “Hansen” Hansen. “This means that when the 2022 LEC summer split begins, it will be with a line-up consisting of some new faces in the Astralis jersey. Vizicsacsi is a veteran top laner with an already well-accomplished career, including numerous LEC playoffs and Worlds appearances.”

Astralis at the bottom of the 2022 spring split standings with a 3-15 record. Their three wins came against Rogue Esports, Fnatic and SK Gaming. However, according to Hansen, Vizicsacsi has already demonstrated “incredible motivation — both on and off the rift — and has played at a high level for so long that he instinctively knows what to do in high-pressure situations.” Vizicsacsi will make his official return at the start of 2022 LEC summer split, though the league’s start date is currently unknown.

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