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The stars aligned for a new Valorant trailer featuring the latest agent, Astra, who is coming in the second Act of Episode 2.

Astra is the fourth controller in the Valorant universe, with her cosmic smoke and concussing abilities. Her abilities center around her Astral Form which players can switch to by pressing X on their keyboards. In her Astral Form, players can place stars, which transform into a Nebula used as her smokes.

Players can also activate a star to detonate a Nova Pulse. The Nova Pulse charges briefly, much like Raze’s Blast Pack, before concussing all players in the area. Astra’s stars are the centerpiece for her abilities, but it is unclear how these stars are formed. Another use for her Stars is the ability to create what Valorant is calling a Gravity Well. These wells pull players toward its center before exploding, causing all players trapped inside to become fragile.

Regardless of how players decide to use these stars Astra places, they can dissipate them much like other controller agent abilities. Agents like Cypher and Killjoy can perform similar actions, allowing players to reposition their abilities as needed. These stars can then be placed in a new location after a delay.

Finally, after her ultimate is charged, Astra can use Cosmic Divide to create an infinite plane between two selected points that blocks bullets, line of sight and heavily impacts audio cues.

Valorant leak upcoming Battlepass skins

Riot also revealed the upcoming battle pass skins alongside Astra’s announcement. The three main skin packs include Prism III, Cavalier and PolyFrog, with Prism III as the main focus.

Valorant Battlepass skins

These releases continue the trend of skin pack continuations. Valorant first started with the popular Glitchpop skins and eventually made a pink version of the Prism skins. This approach has now come into the battle pass, which will feature the third Prism collection with blue, pink, orange and green colors. If players reach tier 50 of the battle pass, they will earn a Prism ax, which will also feature the different color variants.

Players can get Astra and the new battle pass skins when Act II drops on March 2.