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Argentinian soccer club San Lorenzo de Almagro have announced their entrance into professional League of Legends(LoL) for the 2021 season. The sports club, also known as one of the “big five” in Argentina soccer, will now officially take part in Riot Games’ official Master Flow League This is a monumental step in bridging the gap between sports and esports, especially after the Colombian soccer team Deportivo Cali also announced their entrance to the Colombia LVP league earlier this week.

Different regions in South America host amateur clubs that allow teams to compete for their way into Latin America’s major league, the LLA. The Claro Guardians League in Peru is akin to the Master Flow League in Argentina, the Golden League in Colombia, and the Entel Honor League in Chile. After completing matches in their respective competitions, the leagues then announce their representatives for the Promotion and Relegation Tournament. This is the ultimate decider of which teams get to participate in the LLA.

Argentina’s soccer club to enter pro LoL

San Lorenzo de Almagro club’s esports division, CASLA Esports, have recently announced their participation in the 2021 Master Flow League. The sports organization stated their entrance into the competitive scene is more than just joining for the prize money. They plan to “attract football fans, but also all lovers of good games and healthy competition.”

The Argentinian team have their eyes set on victory, especially as they will be going up against other Argentinian teams for a spot in the LLA. “We are proud to be part of the growth of the industry in the region and to have this opportunity for the LVP to demonstrate what a professional soccer club can contribute to the world of esports,” said Norberto Mañas, President of the discipline.

In addition, Colombian soccer team Deportivo Cali are now the LVP Colombia’s eighth team to join for the 2021 year. They will be joining Zeu5 Bogotá, the only other Colombian team announced so far for the Golden League.