Arena of Valor World Cup 2022 to be first mobile competition with $10 million prize pool
Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor World Cup 2022 to be first mobile competition with $10 million prize pool

Winner takes home $3.5 million dollars but has to be the best out of 15 other teams

The Arena of Valor 2022 World cup will feature a $10 million prize pool, making it the largest ever seen in mobile esports. This was announced during the live broadcast of the Arena of Valor International Championship finals on Sunday.

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The Arena of Valor 2022 World Cup is the most prestigious tournament in the esport’s history since its introduction in 2018. The increase in the tournament’s prize is tremendously high given that AWC 2021 had a $500,00 dollar prize pool.

Every team that participates in the AWC is guaranteed $250,00, while the winner takes him $3.5 million. Moreover, Brend Gottsman, Head of Global Esports Center at Tencent Games Global, stated that the World Cup will host different teams from around the world. The tournament will begin in Oct. 2022 after all other events end.

Format for Arena of Valor esports  in 2022

The AIC broadcast also revealed the roadmap for Arena of Valor esports in 2022. Tencent Games announced earlier that the 2022 World Cup will merge Arena of Valor and Honors of Kings esports scenes.

Sixteen teams will feature in the AWC 2022 with a focus on a more global structure to the competition. Even though teams for the South East Asia region continue to dominate the game, all regions will have more slots now. These regions include Asia, North America, South America, the Middle East and Europe. Also in the new year, amateur and content creators will get their own tournaments. There will also be new regional pro leagues and revamps to already existing ones.

Furthermore, the AIC will no longer be held in June, taking the place of the AWC. This is to make sure the AWC is the ultimate competition for every player in the 2022 season. The AIC will also receive a prize pool increase to $2 million.

This is double the prize shared in the recently concluded 2021 AIC.  The tournament also became the most viewed grand final for the game with a 870,000 peak viewership record according to Esports Charts. The AWC will be played in an exclusive esports version of both Arena of Valor and Honor King heroes.

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