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Tempo Storm Introduces Brawl Stars Esports Roster Supercell

Tempo Storm introduces Brawl Stars esports roster

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Esports organization Tempo Storm has announced its roster for Brawl Stars. Fighting in the name of the team are players Daniel “bobby” Levitt, Alec “Alec26” Glenwright, and Matthew “OG” Arellano.

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Brawl Stars is a mobile game that was developed and published by Supercell, a company based in Finland. The fast-paced game is multiplayer, allowing for players to duke it out against others solo or alongside their friends. Within the span of only three minutes, players must unlock abilities to ensure that their characters are powerful enough against the competition.

When it comes to Brawl Stars experience, bobby has been playing it since 2017 and securing wins as the competitive community for the game grew. One such win was of the first season of the Game.ly Brawl Open. In the following years, he competed with esports organizations such as Omen Elite, Spacestation Gaming, and Tribe Gaming. Now with Tempo Storm, his goal is to win the Brawl Stars Championship.

Alec26 is also not a new face in this title’s competitive scene. He started playing the game in 2017 and took home the gold in the DreamHack Mobile Series Dallas 2019 tournament. Another notable achievement was placing in the top three for week eight of the Brawl Stars North America Open 2019 event. Like bobby, Alec26 also played on team Tribe Gaming in the past. 

“My teammates and I picked Tempo because in talking with them, we felt that they were a perfect fit for Brawl Stars,” he said in the official announcement. “They want to help build a community, which I feel like is where the game thrives.”

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OG completes the Tempo Storm Brawl Stars roster, bringing with him the experience that was also gained from Tribe Gaming. Similar to bobby and Alec26, OG was competing from the very beginning. Last year, he won the DreamHack Mobile Series Dallas 2019 series alongside Alec26. With bobby, OG reigned champion for two weeks in the Brawl Stars North America Open 2019 tournament. 

Brawl Stars has been on our list of mobile titles to enter for well over a year now,” noted Leighton Tyler, the head of acquisitions. Tyler added that Tempo Storm is excited to have one of the top Brawl teams under its esports banner. 

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