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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is about to enter its second season and as you’d expect that means more fresh content for Zombies fans.

The ultra-popular mode continues to grow with quite a few changes being made to the game in the form of new things to do and new tools to use. These will all arrive when the new season lands on Feb. 7, but before that, here’s a look at what you should expect.

New story content in MW3 Zombies Season 2

How to defeat The Warlord in MW3 Zombies
Image via Activision

The biggest change to Call of Duty MW3: Zombies with season 2 is the addition of new story missions. These will not only continue the Dark Aether storyline but also give players a chance to explore a completely new rift.

Activision is teasing this new rift as the “largest invested stronghold you’ve encountered,” so it should be quite the challenge for players to overcome. For the next chapter of the Dark Ether story, you’ll have guidance from Sergei Ravenov as you continue dealing with the anomalies in the Exclusion Zone.

New Classified Schematics and Weapons in MW3 Zombies Season 2

Once you complete the new rift as part of Zombies season 2 story you may just be rewarded with some of the new Classified Schematics headed to the game. There are three in total.

  • Mags of Holding: Allows your ammunition to feed directly from your weapon’s ammo stash so reloading is not required.
  • Blood Burner Key: Summon the possessed two-wheeler without seeking it out.
  • V-R11 Wonder Weapon: When fired at zombies turns them into friendly mercenaries, and when fired at mercenaries turns them into friendly zombies.

It isn’t immediately clear how exactly to get these new Classified Schematics, but we’d expect them to be similar to those of the past.

The action doesn’t stop there, MW3: Zombies has more new weapons to add with season 2, accessible via the insured slot. These new MW3 weapons should all be available to use in Zombies.

  • BP50 assault rifle
  • RAM-9 SMG
  • SOA Subverter battle rifle
  • Soulrender melee weapon

That’s all of the new additions we know of being made to MW3: Zombies with its second season, but we should get the official patch notes soon that will confirm exactly what is coming to the game.