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After adding to their coaching staff earlier this week, looks like the Spitfire’s roster is finally getting revealed. The London Spitfire have signed American DPS player Jeffrey “blasé” Tsang, formerly of the Houston Outlaws and Boston Uprising. After many were speculating on how London’s 2021 roster would look, this signing surprised many. Not only was it revealed in the early morning for North American fans, but also just wasn’t a signing people expected. However, expected or not, this signing of Blasé might be a sign of things to come for the Spitfire.

Blasé’s past

In terms of competitive experience, much like his new coach, he’s been doing it almost since the game’s creation. Since mid-2016, Blasé has been trying his best to excel at Overwatch. After playing competitively for some relatively unknown teams, he joined contenders for Gladiators Legion. While the team never reached a final, they were consistently challenging the top teams in the league.

However, that off-season, the Boston Uprising saw bringing him into the Overwatch League as a risk worth taking. However, that first year in the league didn’t go so well. The Uprising were a team that constantly had issues with the meta, especially with GOATs. This was no different for Blasé, but many players at that time were having bad seasons due to the meta.

Blasé, playing for the Houston Outlaws.

Clearly the Houston Outlaws agreed, and signed him for the 2020 season. While this season was another poor team performance, Blasé improved from his time on Boston. His flexibility proved to be handy for the many metas that emerged. The team still struggled, for many reasons, and finished bottom five. His release this season was surprising from a performance perspective, but was similar to many other releases in the league. However, with his hero pool, he was bound to get picked up. The pickup was late in the off-season, but Blasé joined the Spitfire for their brand new 2021 season.

London Spitfire starting anew

With this signing, it throws a wrench into the rumors fans had for the Spitfire. We all had assumed with the recent performances of their academy team British Hurricane, that a full roster promotion was deserved. There is a chance that this still happens, and Blasé just joins the Spitfire as added depth and experience. If this is true, then it makes sense. Blasé is underrated, and won’t be as wanting of playing time as other free agents that are available. Plus, with the pandemic, teams are looking for players with a lot of flexibility. Blasé is just that, even playing both off-tank and DPS in the league. While he hasn’t been on a great team, this bet is a safe one to make for a team that needs a fresh start.