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In celebration of Pride month, Altiora Gaming have announced the Pride Cup, a tournament exclusively for LGBTQIA+ players. The tournament aims to promote LGBTQIA+ players, commentators and staff in order to create an inclusive community, while having great competition.

Altiora themselves are an esports community on Discord. The community hosts many Overwatch and VALORANT teams across different levels of skill. Players from Europe and North America have joined their inclusive community. The also host various other gaming centered event like Mincraft nights.

How can I sign up for the Altiora Gaming Pride Cup

The Pride Cup is a tournament that aims to put LGBTQIA+ players front and center. The tournament features two different divisions, Europe and North America. Players can enter as a team or as an individual. If a free agent were to join the tournament, they have the choice to join a team decided by the tournament organizer, or get picked up by a squad in need of a player. Altiora are not only looking for players for the tournament, but also for staff. Altiora have made it clear even though the tournament itself is exclusive to LGBTQIA+ players, support as an ally can be shown by volunteering as staff. Players can find more information by accessing their Discord.

Here are the dates and times for the tournament going forward:

Europe, Middle East and Africa: 19th -20th June 16:00 CEST
North America: 26th and 27th June at 16:00 EST

While the tournament had no prizing and was purely for competition’s sake, Altiora announced they would have a $50 prize pool to the winner of each division. Grinding Coffee Co. – a LGBTQIA+ owned coffee shop that expressed support for the tournament – set up the prize pool. Players can check out the tournament at the listed times on the Altiora gaming Twitch channel.