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Alyssa “Allycxt” Parker began with a dream to become a professional Call of Duty player, which was kickstarted during the Black Ops 4 season. Allycxt played for VAST Esports for a single event in 2019, and with a pickup team for an event in Dallas which she had some strong opinions about

“To be completely straight with you, we got DFR’d,” said Allycxt. “It was a pickup team, I hated half my teammates, but for some reason, they were streaming the loser’s round one. I dunno, I guess they were like ‘oh a girl is playing’ and they brought me on the casting couch for an interview. We just talked about the games, talked about gameplay and I made a joke and they laughed at it.”

Shortly after she was invited to the casting couch, where she first got to interact with some of the talents in the Call of Duty World League, Allycxt didn’t think anything would come from it. However, she soon got direct messages from Call of Duty League producers asking her if she wanted to be a caster in the Challengers Series.

“A couple of months later a couple of the talent had some visa issues and four days before Anaheim 2019 I got a DM from the producer saying ‘hey do you want to cast the open bracket of Anaheim’ and I was like ‘bro what?’ Obviously, I said yes, but I was never interested in casting, I was just a player trying to break into the scene and I would be dumb to say no.”

Ultimately, Allycxt accepted the offer and joined the Challengers casters team. From there, her talents began to skyrocket as she started casting a majority of the Challengers games and getting to know the teams and players.

Allycxt on transitioning from Challengers to CDL

It would be difficult for anyone to change up what they are doing, even if that means going from being a caster to an analyst. Alleycxt did just that this year, starting with the Kickoff Classic. It was an adjustment period for her, but she likes the fact that she can be more analytical with her predictions on the desk.

“I could have told you around Challengers time everything to know stat lines or players,” she said. “When I was doing Challengers I could answer any question about the pro scene but I couldn’t answer anything about the Challengers scene. I really had to start learning and doing my research. Then being brought to the CDL it was almost flipped because the past years I have been doing Challengers and now I know almost nothing about the pro scene for the past two years.”

Putting all her efforts into Call of Duty

Allycxt during day one of the Kickoff Classic
Allycxt during day one of the Kickoff Classic | Photo by @landonstudios1

Allycxt explained that she feels bad for people that ask her what they can do in order to break into the casting an analyst scene. For her, it was being at the right place and the right time, but she encourages anyone who wants to get where she is now to put in the hours and work.

Allycxt, who originally went to school to become a cosmetologist, says that it was never really her passion. ““I went to cosmetology school for like two or three months,” she said. “That’s when I seriously started thinking ‘what do I really want to do’.”

She originally wanted to go professional in Call of Duty and now considers being an analyst to be her full-time priority. The love that she has for her profession and those around her is undeniable. Especially when she spent years honing her craft to get to this point in her career.

Shocking prediction skills

On her debut on the analyst desk during day one of the Kickoff Classic, Allycxt had a perfect prediction record. She was the only one to predict Florida’s win over the Los Angeles Guerrillas and went on to predict the next few matches down to the map count, which gained her some traction on Twitter.

“I don’t even know,” said Allycxt. “I was the only one that said Florida would win so that one was a little weird, but whatever. Then the second one was like ‘okay’ and then it kept going. I had map count and series count. I was like ‘I have to be wrong at some point’ and then everything tanked.”

Allycxt brings new knowledge and perspective to the analyst desk in 2022, which is much needed after the League spent years with the same talent from season to season. Without a doubt, Allycxt will become a new fan favorite on the desk.

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