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XDefiant factions

All XDefiant factions, ranked

Wondering which faction to play as in XDefiant’s closed beta?

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Before jumping into match in XDefiant, you must pick one of the game’s five factions to play as. Each faction has their own unique ultra, passive trait, and two abilities. But not all factions are created equal, even after some updates. Here are the best factions in XDefiant, ranked.

5. Cleaners

  • Active Abilities: Firebomb, Incinerator Drone
  • Passive Trait: Incendiary Rounds
  • Ultra Ability: The Purifier

The Cleaners are a faction from The Division that are known for their fire-based abilities. This includes flame throwers and explosive bombs. Cleaners are very aggressive and you have plenty of things in your arsenal to disrupt the enemy. Unfortunately, Cleaners struggle at longer ranges so you don’t have as many options as other factions.

XDefiant: Everything You Need to Know About the Cleaners Faction

4. Echelon

  • Active Abilities: Digital Ghillie Suit, Intel Suit
  • Passive Trait: Low Profile
  • Ultra Ability: Sonar Goggles

This faction is based on Splinter Cell with abilities that are all about stealth. You are hidden on the enemy’s minimap thanks to your passive trait and you can also expose the enemy’s positions through walls thanks to your ultra ability. While the Echelon’s kit makes for very interesting gameplay options, you unfortunately are quite vulnerable. Maybe have just one person in your team play as Echelon, preferably the person with the most precise aim.

3. Phantom

  • Active Abilities: Blitz Shield, Mag Barrier
  • Passive Trait: Hardened
  • Ultra Ability: Aegis

Ghost Recon has introduced the Phantom faction to XDefiant, futuristic soldiers that have shields and barriers in their arsenal. These defensive-style soldiers also have a passive that increases their max health. Get up close and personal with the Aegis, a spherical plasma shield. The Phantom faction is perfect for players that want to play a bit more cautiously but some players find their kit underwhelming.

2. Dedsec

  • Active Abilities: Hijack, Spiderbot
  • Passive Trait: Fabricator
  • Ultra Ability: Lockout

Using their handy gadgets, Dedsec are all about disruption. Hack enemies with Hijack or send your Spiderbot after them. The Dedsec Ultra Ability, Lockout, is what truly makes them oppressive to deal with. They can disable the enemy’s HUD, minimap, and abilities, ensuring they have the advantage in a gun fight.

1. Libertad

  • Active Abilities: BioVida Boost, El Remedio
  • Passive Trait: Espiritu de Libertad
  • Ultra Ability: Medico Supremo

This healing faction from Far Cry 6 is often considered overpowered. Their passive and both active abilities are focused on healing, as is their ultra ability, which grants them a significant health boost. The Libertad faction seems to have incredible survivability thanks to all these abilities, making them quite oppressive in a lot of scenarios.