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Since releasing in March of 2020, Call of Duty: Warzone has seen several different maps get released. From large-scale maps to smaller ones designed around the Resurgence mode, players have been able to have their pick when it comes to deciding what kind of map they want to play. However, with different maps comes divisiveness within the community over which ones are the best.

Today, I will be compiling a list of all the Warzone maps and ranking them from worst to best. This will encompass every single map across Warzone and Warzone 2 as of June 2023.

7. Caldera

First up in the last-ranked spot, we have Caldera. The launch map for the new iteration of the original Warzone was simply a miss from all angles. It replaced Verdansk, a beloved map, and just didn’t hit the mark when it came to gameplay. The visuals were decent, but players were extremely excited to hear Caldera was being replaced, myself included.

6. Al Mazrah

The most recent of the large-scale maps in Warzone is Al Mazrah. While Al Mazrah was received better by the community at its launch in late 2022, the map has seen a steady decline in popularity since then. The pacing of Al Mazrah has been abysmal for some time, and it’s led players to crave the Resurgence maps that have since been released.

5. Fortune’s Keep

Speaking of Resurgence maps, Fortune’s Keep is the first one to appear on this list. While it looked incredible from a visual standpoint, Fortune’s Keep was not the best Resurgence map in Warzone. It didn’t have the longest life, releasing just before MW2, and the pacing felt far too slow for a Resurgence map.

4. Ashika Island

A Deep Dive on Ashika Island, the New Resurgence Map in Season 02 of Call of Duty®: Warzone™ 2.0

Ashika Island was the first Resurgence map we saw in the 2022-2023 version of Warzone (formerly known as Warzone 2). While Ashika Island has some terrific locations, many players felt that it didn’t live up to the original Resurgence map in Rebirth Island.

3. Vondel

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 04 Vondel Tactical Preview — SpecGru Recon Operation Declassified

Vondel is the most recent map to be added to Warzone, and it appears as though many players are generally happy with it. The jury is still out on the map, seeing how new it is, but the early looks from Vondel have been promising.

2. Rebirth Island

Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Rebirth Reinforced Guide — Presented by Beenox

There’s nothing quite like the thrills of Rebirth Island. The fast-paced nature of the map paired with the classic feel of the Alcatraz map has given players so many enjoyable moments over the years. Activision is still trying to design a map that comes close to Rebirth in Warzone.

1. Verdansk

Welcome to the New Warzone: An Overview of Verdansk '84

You knew it was coming. While Verdansk was somewhat unpopular during its time, many players would like nothing more than to go back and play it one more time. The classic locations, the pacing of the map, and the overall enjoyment of the map have yet to be matched in Warzone after it was removed in 2021.

And that does it for our rankings of every single Warzone map. It remains to be seen whether Warzone will receive a new map before the end of 2023, but if one does, we’ll make sure to update our list.

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