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The full slate of content for Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has just been revealed. Activision released the blog post for Season 1, which lets fans see exactly what they can expect at launch and in-season for both Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. As players might have read in the blog post, there have been quite a few changes made to the next installment of Warzone 2. It appears that the developers at Activision and Raven Software truly listened to community feedback, which was mainly given during the COD Next event in September.

Today, we’ll be focusing on every major change that’s been made since that event. This includes the news about loadouts, alterations to the A.I., and more.

Warzone 2 changes from COD Next

We’ll be listing these changes in no particular order. Keep in mind that this won’t encompass all of the new content that’s coming with Season 1; it will only include concrete changes that the developers made based on player feedback.

Addition of loadouts

After a huge outcry from the community, the developers caved. It was quite shocking to see a version of Warzone that didn’t include loadouts, but that’s what we saw at COD Next. Since then, the devs have made strides to appease the player base. Now, loadouts can be fully acquired like they have been in the past. However, there are different ways to earn loadouts in Warzone 2.

Instead of receiving your entire loadout, sometimes players will only be able to equip their Primary Weapon from a loadout. This is only done by purchasing the weapon from the Shops, which are found across the map and take Cash as payment. These are basically the new Buy Stations. Players can receive their full loadout from Loadout Drops or at Strongholds and Black Sites, which have A.I. guarding them.

Toned back A.I.

Speaking of A.I., the devs clearly heard the complaints from players regarding the A.I. on Al Mazrah. In Warzone 2 at launch, the A.I. will only be located at Strongholds, Black Sites, and in the Gulag Overtime. They will not be present across the map like they were at COD Next. These changes are certainly welcome; the A.I. were quite rampant in the COD Next build of Warzone 2.

Changes to the Gulag in Warzone 2

While the Gulag remains a 2v2 co-op experience in Warzone 2, there have been some updates to it since COD Next. Now, players will begin with a pre-defined loadout that contains a pistol or shotgun, and a lethal and tactical grenade. Stronger weapons and items can be looted near the middle of the map.

Another of the changes coming to Warzone 2 brings the Jailer, who will appear during the middle of the Gulag. If players take down the Jailer, all four players will be returned to the match. Finally, there’s no overtime in this Gulag; if players don’t eliminate the Jailer or the other team by the time the timer is up, all four players will not return to the match.

Those are all of the concrete changes that the devs have made in Warzone 2 for its full launch. Of course, there’s a plethora of new features and content that have been implemented from the original Warzone. If you want to read about those, check out our guide going over everything coming in Season 1.

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