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All the new Aghanim’s Shards in Dota Patch 7.32

New shenanigans and spells await in 7.32

Patch 7.32 has changed Dota in a lot of ways. Changes to jungle camps, the addition of the flagbearer creep and heroes. However, no other aspect of Dota brings as much fun as exploring new Aghanim’s Shards. So many Aghanim’s Shards got changed in 7.32, here are all of them in one place!

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All the new Aghanim’s Shards in patch 7.32


Enchantress gets a new ability as its shard, called Little Friends. This ability allows Enchantress to click a target and force every ally, allied creep, enemy and neutral within a 1000 range to attack a target. Every single character affected by Little friends will also gain 100 attack speed and 100% bonus movement speed towards the target. This will allow players to redirect e


Enigma has a new Aghanim’s Shard attached to it’s Malefice. Every tick of the stun will spawn an Eidolon next to the enemy. The Eidolon will not split like Enigma’s spell, but the Eidolon will get a refresh after six auto attacks. While this is a fun new addition, it probably won’t affect how Enigma is played at all. Don’t be afraid to use it in fun push builds though!


Hoodwink now has it’s Aghanim’s Scepter as its shard. Hunter’s Boomerang was already quite a strong Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade, and now it is available as a shard with only slightly less utility. it still decreases magic resistance to any heroes hit by it, which is the most essential part of the ability.


Luna’s Aghanim’s Shard now works better as a utility buy when she is a carry. Every time Luna hits a target with Lucent beam, she is granted a 12-damage buff for 15 seconds. It can be used as a great mid-game spike when Luna decides to go for the Lucent Beam build in lane.

Monkey King

Monkey King’s Shard previously gave him additional damage on his Primal Spring. However, damage has been changed for higher mobility in his new reworked Aghanim’s Shard. Monkey King can now auto-cast so that everytime Monkey King uses Boundless Strike, he can immediately leap to the end of the staff. This new Shard allows Monkey King to easily catch up to targets after stunning them.

Here is a small example of the Shard being used in ESL One Malaysia by Team Secret’s Remco “Crystallis” Arets:


A previous mechanic that Morphling had removed is now an Aghanim’s Shard upgrade. After getting Aghanim’s Shard Morphling can now Attribute Shift while stunned. The Shard also gives Morphling an extra six strength and agility. In order to compensate for this change, Attribute Shift now converts 20 strength and agility per second instead of the previous 24 at max level.

Nature’s Prophet

The controller of nature has a new Aghanim’s Shard in patch 7.32. The previous Shard made chopping down trees from his Sprout spawn large Treants to prevent an enemy from leaving. Now, his new Shard borrows from his lore. Nature’s Prophet applies a curse on every enemy in a 1200 range. The more trees there are in that range, the more damage and slow each enemy hero will take. This new Shard provides utility and some form of disable to a hero that used to have nothing.

The new ability has already sparked anger in TSM FTX’s carry, Enzo “Timado” Gianoli


Silencer’s Shard is a great upgrade when playing the hero as a core. It now causes every 4th glaive attack to silence an enemy for 1.75s. Additionally, increases Intelligence stolen on attack and on kill by 2. It only snowballs what a carry Silencer is there to do, be a nuisance and steal intelligence.

Skywrath Mage

Skywrath Mage’s Aghanim’s Shard works in almost the same way that Silencer’s does, in that it further snowballs a core Skywrath Mage to burst more enemies. Every time Skywrath Mage deals magic damage to an enemy hero with his abilities, he gains a buff that grants 2 bonus Intelligence and 0.5 bonus Armor. Most Skywrath Mages never want to buy Black King Bar, so there is at least a mechanic now that allows him to be tankier.


Firesnap Cookie can be upgraded in terms of stun duration by buying an Aghanim’s Shard. The spell will now stun for 2.6 seconds, an extremely long disable. The Shard also spawns a Mortimer Kisses glob along with the targeted unit, dealing even more damage to the stunned target.


The charging bull’s new shard works well into how the hero plays. Planar Pocket is a new spell that allows Spiritbreaker to redirect a spell targeted at an ally to himself. In combination with the status resistance granted by Bulldoze, Spiritbreaker would be able to tank the spell and make the enemy waste a valuable disable.


Tidehunter’s new Aghanim’s Shard works extremely well in conjunction with his Aghanim’s Scepter Gush upgrade. The Shard grants Tidehunter a new ability called Tendrils of the Deep, which releases a wave of tentacles in the targeted direction. The tentacles deal 50% of Ravage damage and stun and travels 75% of Ravage radius. The Gush reduces armor and slows, allowing Tide to hit targets with Tendrils of the Deep even easier. A great upgrade overall.


Venomancer has one of the most interesting Shards to be added. It grants a new ability called Latent Toxicity. The ability slows by 10% and deals 20 damage per second to its target for 7 seconds. If this poison is dispelled in any way, the target will receive 300 damage and be stunned for 2s. This is a great preventative measure against Black King Bar, as the stun will go through the magic immunity. Allows Venomancer to be relevant in later stages of the game.

There are so many new Aghanim’s Shards coming into Patch 7.32! A whole host of new ways to play heroes and strategies have been given real support. Hopefully, these changes provide greater creativity to the playerbase.




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