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Valve has released the newest Dota patch, 7.32 ahead of the regional qualifiers happening from Oct. 15-18, 2022.

The patch aims to disrupt the game one last time as teams and fans enter the final moments before The International 11. The patch itself contains many changes to the terrain, experience gain, and introduces a swath of balance changes to prominent meta heroes.

What changed in patch 7.32?

Valve introduced a slew of general changes to the game, the most interesting being that the experience required to level up has been significantly increased at each level mark. Teams will now have to rework landing strategies to understand how these breakpoints affect the timings for laning.

Valve also introduced a lot of changes to the map in an effort to fix Dire’s clear advantage over the Radiant in terms of farming efficiency. These jungle camp changes even affect the mid lane, where the small camp right next to each river has been removed. Last but not least, Primal Beast has been added to Captain’s Mode! Don’t be surprised if teams start incorporating the four-legged monstrosity into their drafts in the ongoing ESL One Malaysia tournament.

Along with the entry of Primal Beast, he has been given an Aghanim’s Shard and Scepter upgrade. His Aghanim’s Scepter gives him Uproar, which releases three waves of two projectiles, splitting after a 1.35-second delay. Any enemies hit will be broken for 2.5 seconds. Rock Throw now splits into three additional fragments 600 units behind the first one.

New neutral items are introduced to Dota 2

Valve also introduced six new Neutral items that can drop from jungle camps. Three new tier one items: Lance of Pursuit, Occult Bracelet and Seeds of Serenity which replace Chipped Vest, Keen Optic and Ocean Heart. The same changes have been applied to tier two items —Valve added Eye of the Vizier, Specialist’s Array and Dagger of Ristul, while removing Essence Ring, Fae Grenade and Quicksilver Amulet.

There are many other changes in 7.32, and these are just some of the main ones. Tune in to Upcomer for more updates.


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