All the known weapons in Modern Warfare II
Modern Warfare II
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All the known weapons in Modern Warfare II

The current weapon list

One of the first details that Call of Duty fans want to know about whenever a new game is revealed is what kinds of weapons are included. Weapons are a focal point of any multiplayer experience and the same is true in Modern Warfare II.

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While Activision has not confirmed or denied any weapons’ existence, content creators have a different story to tell. Certain creators were invited to Los Angeles to playtest Modern Warfare II and also view some exclusive campaign missions. During this experience, creators saw a large number of weapons in the campaign. Traditionally, these weapons end up making their way to multiplayer, too.

YouTuber PrestigeIsKey recently published a video going over every weapon he saw during his time trying MWII. While this list might not be completely accurate, and certainly isn’t complete, it gives fans their first glimpse of the possible weaponry in the Campaign and multiplayer.

Below, are all of the weapons that PrestigeIsKey mentioned in his video, along with their classification. The weapons with an asterisk by them are ones that PrestigeIsKey couldn’t 100% verify during his time viewing the campaign missions.


  • 1911
  • Glock 17 + 18
  • P320


  • Combat Knife
  • Throwing Knife (Equipment)


  • M4
  • Remington 870
  • Mossberg 590


  • PILA*
  • RPG-7

Submachine Guns

  • AK-74u
  • MP7
  • MP5
  • P90
  • PP Bizon
  • Vector
  • Uzi

Assault Rifles

  • Honey Badger
  • SCAR
  • M4A1
  • M13
  • AK-47
  • HK43
  • M16
  • MTAR
  • G36*
  • ACR*

Marksman/Sniper Rifles

  • MK 14 EBR
  • FN SPR A5M XP*

PrestigeIsKey goes on to mention that there might have been weapons he didn’t identify correctly or simply missed because of how fast the gameplay moved. He was, at least, able to confirm a majority of these weapons. This list also lines up with what we saw in Modern Warfare 2019, so most of the weapons shouldn’t be too surprising for fans.

The two that most fans are interested in are the ACR and Intervention. These are the two most famous guns from the original Modern Warfare 2 in 2009 and a majority of fans would love to see them return. PrestigeIsKey believes he saw the ACR, but that and the SCAR look very similar so it was difficult for him to tell. As for the Intervention, leakers believe it is coming to multiplayer but the gun has yet to be featured in any gameplay.

We should see a majority of these weapons confirmed later in the summer when Activision posts more about Modern Warfare II multiplayer.

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