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The Waking Shores, one of the zones in Dragon Isles
Provided by: Blizzard Entertainment

All super rares and how to farm them in WoW Dragonflight

Shiny loot drops, anyone?

“Super rares” is a term made by the player community of World of Warcraft’s newest expansion. It refers to the rare mobs across the zones in Dragon Isles that give players above average item-level loot drops, higher the typical rare mobs.

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Since the expansion’s launch, players have been striving to get a good head start. Succeeding in looting these super rares gives you a competitive advantage in the game, so we’ve compiled the coordinates of all super rares in WoW Dragonflight for you.

Location of all super rares in WoW Dragonflight

Map showing Tyrhold in Thaldraszus
Provided by: Blizzard Entertainment

Thanks to the active community of its players, it’s now easier to hit the nail right on the head when looting for Super Rares specifically. We’ve listed all the coordinates of the location of each Super Rare found in all three zones in Dragon Isles below:

The Waking Shores The Azure Span Thaldraszus
Battlehorn Pyrhus – 28.5, 58.8 Blisterhide – 14.1, 31.1
Ancient Protector – 59.1, 58.7
Captain Lancer – 27.0, 76.4
Gnarls – 14.1, 37.5
Cauldronbearer Blakor – 26.2, 57.8
High Shaman Rotknuckle – 16.2, 33.6
Char – 30.6, 51.5
Snarglebone – 10.9, 32.2
Enkine the Voracious – 59.1, 30.7
Rohzor Forgesmash – 30.6, 61.1
Turboris – 33.1, 55.5

The locations of all super rares are typically bunched up around a specific area per zone. In The Waking Shores, they are around the Obsidian Citadel. In Azure Span, it’s Brackenhide Hollow, and lastly, Tyrhold for Thaldraszus. You can scout these areas for more rares in one go, as they spawn every 20-30 minutes.

What are super rares in WoW Dragonflight?

The map of The Waking Shores showing super rares around Obsidian Citadel
Provided by: Blizzard Entertainment

Looking for rare mobs to eliminate to get decent gear is not a new concept in the expansion. However, players have noticed that there are some rare monsters that drop better loot than the other rares, hence the coined term “Super Rares.”

Typical rare monsters drop up to 369/372 item-level gear, while the super rares get you up to 385 item-level. However, note that the loot from all rares is scaled to your item level, so it’s best to farm these super rares when you’ve hit item level 365 or better. There’s no way to tell a rare from a super rare, though, until it’s time to collect their loot, so the provided coordinates above along with the mentioned areas in the zones are a great start.

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